7 Landing Page Optimization Tips to Maximize Lead Generation

The first impression is the last impressions.

For many consumers, the first impression is on a landing page of the business. Hence, it becomes super important that your landing page is optimized for the best user experience.

It will quickly boost your lead acquisition and conversion ratios.

Did you know that 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign?

But, only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.

That’s a disturbing ratio. So, let’s look at 7 landing page optimization tips to maximize lead generation and conversion rates.

1. Persuasive copy and design

Persuasive copy and design are the foundation of landing page optimization tips.

Landing page copy

Hire a copywriter who is well aware of conversion funnels, lead generation and specialize in writing sales copy for landing pages.

Also, ensure that the copy emphasizes on benefits of the products/services and not the feature. There is a huge difference between the two!

For example, many businesses talk about what the product can do but forget to write about how it will help the consumer.

landing page optimization

On the Shopify website, features are presented in terms of benefits like “Selling online easily” or “optimized for growth”.

And, this is where your copywriter will help you.

Do not (I mean, DO NOT) try to save by hiring a cheap writer because in the long run, it will cost you conversion.

Roughly 75% of businesses have problems finding suitable expertise for optimizing their landing page copy.


One more landing page optimization tips which can skyrocket your conversion is to use videos.

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

Landing page design

Work on your landing page design and put in a lot of thought. Keep it extremely simple and user-friendly.

A few landing page optimization tips would be to –

    • Harmonize colors
    • Let your text breathe
    • Have white spaces
    • Make your proposition clear
  • Play with shapes, colors, and symmetry

If you are presenting different offers, one of the best landing page optimization tips is to focus your leads on a particular offer. You can change the color to highlight it. Something like this (looks at how bloggers and small business is highlighted) –

landing page optimization

2. Call to Actions or CTAs

Once you have attracted the leads through your copy, it is time to give that final push using a strong call to action button.

Make your CTA as attractive as possible and avoid using generic text like “click here”.

For example, this marvel app uses a freebie to entice their buyers

landing page optimization
Some of the other businesses also use options that are similar to “I want to grow” and “I don’t want to grow”. These CTAs play with the psychology of the consumers, after all, no one wants to click on “I don’t want to grow”

Some other great examples are –

landing page optimizationlanding page optimizationexperimenting with your CTA copy
Source: Hubspot

You can also include a value proposition, for example, sign up to get the daily deals.

All said, keep experimenting with your CTA copy.         


3. Easy to go forms

The average number of form fields is 11

But reducing the number of form fields from 11 to 4 can result in a 120% increase in conversions.

So, it is extremely important that the forms are simple and easy to fill. Look at these –

Easy to go forms

Easy to go forms available

You may be enticed to collect as much information as possible but it comes with a cost. Sometimes consumers get tired of filing so many options and decide to quit.

Do you know that Expedia found that removing just one form field (an address confirmation field) from their purchase form increased annual profit by $12 million dollars?

That’s mind-boggling!

A few other things landing page optimization tips which you should try with your form are

    • Add images of the relevant people. Pictures of people who own the business always help in building trust with the buyer. If I don’t find a single picture on the landing page, I would really suspect the credibility of the website.
    • Use larger forms
  • Remove unnecessary fields and keep it simple

4. Add testimonials and social proof

One absolutely necessary landing page optimization tip is to add testimonials and social proof.

The more you post these, the more you assure the visitors that it is safe to invest in your product or service.

You can also use a number of subscribers or any known names. A human brain is wired to trust a product or a service when they see recognizable names and impressive numbers.  

Shopify is trusted by 40000 businesses worldwide!


5. Irresistible offer

None of the landing page optimization tips will work for you unless you have an irresistible offer.

Your goal should be to create easy to understand and interesting resources that will provide tonnes of value to your visitors. The creative possibilities are endless, you can have

    • Videos
    • Infographics
    • Guides
    • E-books
  • Articles

If you want these landing page optimization tips to work for you, start creating awesome resources.

6. Segment

If you have the required martech stack, segment your landing page according to the leads. Do not believe that all segments of your visitors are the same.

Personalizing user experience and creating different landing pages for visitors is the key to standing out.

So, add a pop-up window and ask your visitor to select what exactly is he looking for.

Use your analytics to understand demographics and other details.

Look at how Tailwind does it, it asks you whether you are a blogger or a big business.

When you click one, the page is optimized for your needs


7. Add live chat functionality

Use chatbots on your landing page. In the world we live in today, this is one the most effective landing page optimization tips.

It is a great way to indicate that your business is open.

Landing page optimization is the most powerful way to increase leads, subscriptions, downloads, sign ups etc. These 7 landing page optimization tips provide a great starting point.

Of course, you need to regularly analyze what really works for you. A/B testing is the key!

Have more landing page optimizations tips or suggestions that have increased your conversion rates? Share them in the comments!

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