Generating leads is one of the crucial parameters needed for generating business revenues. However, generating quality leads is a challenge. Tackled by B2B service providers, lead generation is about data gathering and filtering the same, to narrow down on the genuine ones. So the question here is: how to generate quality leads that are worth pursuing.

Leads are categorized into three main brackets as defined below. 

  • Cold lead: This is the earliest phase of lead generation. Here the lead has been identified and classified as an interest. 
  • Warm lead: When the lead shows an interest in buying
  • Hot lead: Prospects that express their interest in buying. These leads are the closest to conversion.

Here Are A Few Handy Hacks On How To Generate Quality Leads

Optimize On Your Website:

Your website, armed with analytics tools and tracking codes, can track who visited. Google analytics offer tools that track a visitor’s browsing pattern. These tools can also pinpoint the time spent by the visitor on looking through the website.

Google analytics gives data on:

  • Time spent by the user on the website;
  • Bounce rate;
  • Exit rate;
  • The device from which the website is accessed;
  • User behavior;
  • Location of the user; and
  • Visitor frequency/website visits;  

This data gives a solid hint at the leads.

Download Tuned Content:

Inbound marketing is quoted as a powerful way of driving traffic. Hence inbound marketing is one of the ways that answers the question of how to generate quality leads. In the digital world, inbound marketing is the method of driving traffic onto the website with content creation, social media reach, and SEO.  

Experts state that when the visitors are B2B buyers, they are seriously foraging for information. This leads them to consume content. When they can download a white paper or a PDF file for the information they find valuable, and save it for later to read at leisure or use it as a reference, it encourages them to come back on to the site in search of more downloadable information. This is when their details can be asked for a subscription. Moreover, the visitor’s interest makes him or her or the business they represent, a warm lead.

Optimize Your Social Media Platforms:

Every business, may it be a B2B business or B2C or a B2B provider, they are all on social media platforms. Here is where businesses have to decipher the importance of each platform for themselves.

Some of the most popular social platforms today are:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Pinterest;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Quora.

Are all the platforms suitable for every business? Before you answer, think about the audience you want to reach. Are they students, or professionals, executives or the highly ranked people in their organizations? This is important since each of these platforms cater to a specific user demographic, interest area, decision-making authority, etc.

Optimize On Backlinks:

Backlinks leverages on the existing traffic on a similar domain website, to divert traffic to one’s website. One of the best ways to optimize on backlinks is to opt for guest posting.

However, why would anyone else entertain a guest post? There are two reasons for this.

  • One: A free of cost guest post, written by someone from the same domain is another perspective that adds to the other sites’ blog repository.
  • Second: If a blog is addressing a pain point than it will reiterate the pain point in the industry, it will be a visited piece that will incur more visits.

So how does it benefit the blog writer? The blogger gets to leave a backlink that will direct the reader to the bloggers’ website.

Optimize Facebook Pages:

As a business, you would surely have a Facebook page, if this demographic is what your business targets. In case you have, work out a clever way of pushing an information sheet along with an interesting post. This will not only generate leads but will give genuine leads.

Automated Emails:

Everyone talks about email marketing and running email campaigns. The traditional email campaigns sent emails and newsletters to the target audience but were never personalized. With AI taking over the helm of these campaigns, emails are nowadays sent to the bulk of email ids in the database, which till now are cold leads.

However, each email is personalized with the emails addressed to each lead in person. This personalized has gone a long way in generating leads and converting cold leads to warm leads. Many such leads convert to sales too.

Optimize On Search Engine Optimization:

Organic leads are great leads. These are the businesses that do a generic product or service provider search on search engines. If they find something worth or attractive about your link on the search engine page, they will touch base with you.

These kinds of leads will contact the provider and will try and get as much information as about your business as possible. Since these are already warm leads, converting them takes a little less time. Though it is not necessary that each of these organic leads will convert.

Optimize Your Website To Be Compatible Across Devices:

By the time we see 2019 thorough, research states that the smartphone users are set to cross the 5 million mark. This trend makes one important trend clear, that we are going to use the smartphone more and more.

May it for emails, chats, shopping or information search, everything will happen through phones. Does that not make optimizing your website for smartphones urgent? It will probably be one of the things to be ticked in priority by businesses looking at generating leads, especially by tracking visitors on the website.


How to generate quality leads in 2019 is a topic that can be explored with the tried and tested methods or a mix and match of the existing hacks. The bottom line here is lead generation. 

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