How to build a mailing list, especially an effective one, is a treasure hunt that marketers pursue on every basis. Adding, updating and editing an email list is all about database maintenance and clearance. 

If you are wondering what is all this leading up to, then here is the reveal. It is about how to build a mailing list for more marketing leads.

So how to build a mailing list that is effective? Here are a few tips on building a mailing list:

Leverage On Customer Touch Point: 

One of the most important things to do while trying to gather a database of email ids is not to let the prospect leave without giving us the data that we need. So may it be a corporate launch, or a trade fair, keeping a sign-up book or a book for just email ids, it is a good practice.

Translated to the digital space, the sign-up book becomes a prompt for a newsletter subscription when we talk about generating leads.

Focus On Your Website Landing Pages: 

Research by a leading digital marketing site proves that more the landing pages, the better chances are for leads to be generated.  This is because the landing pages help to answer questions of prospects.

Moreover, with our intent of lead generation, the landing pages will target a wider demographic.

Make Your CTAs Attractive:

A website opens up to the Home page. However, it is the About Us page that gets the maximum traffic. Why does this happen? It is because there is always that curiosity factor that plays into minds to know more. Hence here is where experts suggest that an effective CTA be put in place can play a major role in curating genuine marketing leads.

Optimize On your Social Media Fan Base:

Every B2B organization on social media has a following. These subscribers and followers are prospects and are interested in the services and products on offer. Reach out to them with a newsletter asking prospects to sign up with their email ids.

Sometimes a newsletter might not be the best idea. In that case, include a link to either to your blogs or the About Us page, which was discussed earlier in the article or it could direct to the website homepage.

Post Your Blogs And Articles With CTAs:

Imagine someone read your blog and article. That entity likes what he or she reads and wants to opt for your B2B services. However, like every cautious B2B buyer, they too would like to know you a little more. This lead seems to be genuine. So how do you get the prospect to connect with you?

A simple solution is to include a CTA at the end of the article or the clog. This gives the prospect either an option of subscribing or emailing. Either way, you get an email id that can be a solid lead.

Hold The Fort When Emails Bounce:

So you had a lead, and the email seemed genuine enough. You sent an email and it bounces back. You try a couple more times with no success. So what do you do? Do you get that email out of your database?

Though data cleansing demands that email ids be erased, there is another way of getting this email id back. Look for this prospect’s paper mail address. Send a request for valid and relevant email id or ids. If that works you would have added one more positive lead to your database.

Community And Forums:

Consider this: You are a B2B provider and you serve a niche segment. Yet to keep in touch with the ones in this niche you have to build up a database. A community or forum on social media helps you to achieve this efficiently.

The people who will subscribe to this forum will be the ones who are already in this segment. The others who will subscribe to this community will be businesses who are looking to use and utilize the products or services provided by the B2B provider.

Then there will be the ones who will subscribe to this forum or community out of interest. Interestingly the database built up from these communities and forums is genuine. If followed up religiously they will bring in future business.

Telemarketing For Lead Generation:

Many B2B service providers deal with the world of lead generation. They are specialized in gathering data and use methods like tele-calling. “How to build a mailing list” is a situation they face for every client they serve and therefore are experts in lead generation.

Tie Up With Database Gathering Agencies:

This is one of the fastest ways of acquiring a database to make a mailing list. Though this is not a cost-free arrangement, this can give a lot of leads that can be pushed further down the funnel.

Make Subscribers Feel Important: 

Reiterating the topic for this article “how to build a mailing list”, marketers state that freebies never get wasted.

Make some sections of your information exclusively available for email subscribers. Or let each email subscriber get access to any chosen article or blog on the topic of their interest. This can be extended to a chat facility on the website too. Or make discounts count.


The article has tried to point out as many east tips as possible to give you a guiding outline on “How to build a mailing list” for marketing via lead generation and email id gathering. These are tried and tested ways of compiling a mailing list. Of course, thinking out of box and creating new ways to reach the prospects to build up a genuine mailing list is always an option.   

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