5 Holiday Email Marketing Tips that Will Rock Your Practice in 2018

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

We can only wish this was true, but we have all been there thinking about –

Why doesn’t my email marketing campaigns generate results?

My readers don’t seem to open my emails! *frustration*

But, email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing channels.

They are like the elixirs of marketing. Guaranteed to drive leads.

Email is like the elixirs of marketing. Guaranteed to drive leads.

Mind you, these campaigns can be a big flop if you are sloppy.

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

And we are going to tell you how to ace

Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Boost Sales in 2018 (With Examples)

1. A/B testing: The lifeline

Marketing is all about trying new channels and seeing what works best for your business.

Emails are no different.

Yeah, your team burned the midnight oil to write the perfect content and all of that But, what if no one opens it?’

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

That sure sucks!

Start with testing your subject lines. Place yourself in the shoes of your audience and see if you would open that email?

If you can evoke curiosity or excitement or even fear, they are likely to open your email.

I received this email from Freelancer and I was curious. As a business, I am always looking to improve my website. A list of design trends is just perfect!

email campaign

Another way of increasing click-throughs in using personal subject lines.

It can be as simple as adding their names. Like this –

email data

It makes you feel that it was written specifically for you. You know,

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

One of the common mistake made in email campaigns is to “hard sell” your product.

Something like this

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

But, not every lead is sales-ready remember?

Or this from GoPro:


You should test your content with fewer images, videos, podcasts, animations or even softer CTAs

After receiving a few “shop now” emails, I would not open their newsletter because I know I don’t want to buy anything right now.

Instead, try “learn more” or link to a “case study”. You send them a link to your webinar. A few days later you can send an email like this

email campaign

2. Tell stories

The famous Wall Street advertorial used storytelling and sold $2 billion worth of subscriptions and ran from 1975-2003.

Another example is BarkBox:

Holiday Email Marketing Tips

They do not focus on the product until the end but make use of storytelling to evoke feelings in the recipients.

3. Soft sell

Make use of the email footer (or the area below sign off).

A great place to add your blog, CTAs or any other link you want to promote. If you thought no one looks at that, you are wrong. There is a reason why most newsletters use it.

This is an example from CoSchedule

Holiday Email Marketing Tips
They not only promote their product by offering a free trial, they also link to the blog in their footer. Just be sure to have another strategy to nurture leads who do sign up for a free trial.

4. Write killer welcome emails

First impression is the last impression. So, welcome emails should be kickass.

They should not only be directed to the recipient (use their names), they should be sent by an actual sender. You can drive more engagement if you let them hit “reply” to get in touch.

Let them know what they can expect. The frequency of the newsletter, how to contact them, what will it contain etc.

5. Measure ROI

Do not restrict yourself to click-throughs, keep a check on conversion rate (the percentage who clicked on a link within your email), bounce rates, list growth rate and email sharing rate.

Based on this, you can segment your subscribers and tailor your campaigns.

I hope these Holiday email marketing tips and tricks will help you create successful campaigns this season.

Do you know of any such Holiday email marketing tips? Comment below and share it with us

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