Building Better Buyer Personas: Why You Must Include These 3 Groups


Three’s a crowd.


Or is it?


It might not be fun to be the third wheel on a date, but when you’re building buyer personas for your marketing and content strategies, it’s essential to include at least 3 departments in your planning phase.


Bring These 3 Groups to the Buyer Persona Meeting


If you know the basics, building a buyer persona isn’t challenging. Even if you don’t, the internet is full of buyer persona templates. But you can’t do it all on your own. Building your ideal client profile involves collaboration and planning from several departments within your company – especially if you can’t reach out to your customers directly for information.


Little Bird Marketing CEO Priscilla McKinney recently joined the Magnificent Marketing Podcast to discuss the team you should bring to the table to develop your buyer personas.


  1. Building Buyer Personas with Sales


Priscilla said it’s important to get as close as you can to who is actually interacting with customers. So, if you’re unable to contact your clients yourself, the sales team becomes essential to the process. Sales should be able to provide insight into what your customer is thinking, at work and home, based on the relationships they’ve developed.


  1. Building Buyer Personas with Customer Service


If your audience has a problem or issue they need to be solved, chances are customer service is involved. This team will be able to let you know some of the questions your clients are asking regarding your products or concerns to which they need guidance.

Remember, one of your goals in building buyer personas is to determine which problems your clients have that your company solves, and develop a market strategy that addresses those pain points when and how your audience needs assistance.


  1. Building Buyer Personas with Marketing


The marketing department will be implementing the content strategy, so it needs to have a large presence in buyer persona planning. Marketing will be able to steer the conversation and ask questions to the other departments in order to dive deep and really understand your personas.

Plus, marketing representatives can answer any questions regarding why buyer personas are important.


Leave the CEO Out of This – For Now

Sure, your CEO might be heavily invested in your company’s clients, but the odds are that person doesn’t really understand your customers’ day-to-day needs. Priscilla suggested not involving executives unless they are “in the trenches.” Plus, she stated that the business chiefs could unintentionally influence others who do not want to disagree with an executive.


If possible, wait until your buyer personas are created before bringing in the C level.


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David MagnificentThis article is contributed by Dave Reimherr who is the founder @ Magnificent Marketing LLC. Magnificent is a full-service digital marketing agency with a specialization in content marketing and social media marketing and advertising. David has 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, strategy & branding.



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