Where To Find Gold Mine For Generating Leads


All you small business owners, are you starting up to generate leads. I know you need more leads and are finding a great source to generate leads. Where will you find leads? What resource or tool can help you?


Marketing is such a detailed & continuous process. It doesn’t stop at one action, one strategy and one campaign. You need to put a lot of efforts into diversified methods.  Gold Mind Digital nicely comments on it as below –


You will not attract, obtain or keep customers with only one marketing action. 


Businesses really struggle to get the lead in the beginning but what is the hack to achieve the target they have set in mind? Why not first think of what all options we have?


There can be following measure building blocks for any business to build their online presence & increasing leads.


  • Content
  • Website
  • Search
  • Advertise
  • Automation

lead generation


As you can see we have plenty of things to discuss with you on each of them. How to do lead generation using content marketing, how to do website optimization for SEO, how can you implement marketing automation for lead generation, and how to use Google Ads and other tools these are a few questions pop-up in your mind when reading the name of those building blocks. We agree! These are several B2B lead generation strategies you have heard of. To start off with I don’t want to burden you much but I would like to discuss with you much about marketing automation today.


Are you going to ask me as to why did I choose marketing automation? Well, I have an answer for that. Here it is –


When humans and bots work together, you call it marketing automation. Is your sales team spending too much time after the leads but doesn’t know which are high-quality leads? Are you investing too much but not getting the desired result? Also, are you finding it hard to focus on leads other than hot leads? Do you think,  now is the time to start segmenting your contact lists? Yes, then you are ready to go for automation.


Today, 142,000+  Businesses are using marketing automation. They have seen 451% increase in qualified leads, 14.5% increase in sales productivity and 12.2% reduction in overload.


Did you notice it reduces 12.2% of your overload. Can you think how marketing automation can save your time & money as well? Where can you use marketing automation?


Social Media Marketing 

You always want to be consistent in your social media activities. You can use the auto-publish option if you are posting several times a day. They say that tweeting even 50 times a day doesn’t have an effect on your Twitter account but it is important to keep valance & focus on more important things such as increasing your bottom line by other methods. If you are spending time on promoting 2-3 items from your brand content, about 3 non-promotional posts, then you are spending 6 more hours if you are not using marketing automation.



With marketing automation, you can personalize your CTAs for customers, leads, visitors. So, the right CTA will pop-up according to who is scrolling through the content.




Email Marketing 

When your prospect subscribes subscribe to your emails, you can send the series of emails designed to increase their interests in your product. After you track their behavior you can adjust your messages. If your customer makes a purchase, they will be added to your buyer’s list so as to encourage them later to purchase more.

Depending on the page of a website which a customer visits, you can create a list & send them emails accordingly. There are many ways to automate for your benefit. With marketing automation, you can increase your reply rate 250%


Don’t you think now marketing automation is a gold mine for generating more leads?

Yes, because this lead generation method can help you in email marketing, Landing page & creating a sign-up form, scheduling tasks, etc tasks can be performed using automation.


What are the best tools & software you can use for this lead generation method?


Here we are listing top 5 marketing automation tools


  • GetResponse – If you want to see who is opening your email or who is ignoring, GetResponse is the tool. This is an All-in-one marketing platform & offers you marketing automation drag-and-drop workflow builder. You can trigger automation based on some conditions based on user behavior.


        You can decide action plans when something particular happens and carry out that using marketing                          automation.


  • Infusionsoft – This lets you stay connected to your audience by letting you communicate better with your audience. It lets you use personalization by which your client base will grow. Also, you can set a flow for your emails that will be sent automatically helping the customer to move forward.


  • Marketo – Marketo is very popular as it focuses greatly on generating more leads & then it uses lead scoring. All the tools listed here use lead scoring. With some icons, you can also know which leads are hot and which are not. This captures online as well as offline conversations which help you save money.


  • Hubspot – They have got a user-friendly dashboard where you can see all the analytical data. They also have campaign recipes to quickly generate content for different campaigns. You can also choose keywords to fit your niche & that’s why with Hubspot you will find doing your SEO is an easy task.


  • MailChimp – MailChimp allows you to easily create email marketing campaigns. You can create templates to welcome, re-engage, follow-up with your leads. You can integrate your data with MailChimp so to see how you can run personalized campaigns to increase your bottom line.


This was something to help you begin with marketing automation but surely you need to keep going with a lot of detailed information. We have got you this post where you will how to do lead scoring in marketing automation.


In the end, some food for thought –


We all have heard of LinkedIn which is the world’s largest professional network with 562 million users worldwide. Establishing your presence on LinkedIn can really help with your lead generation strategies. What the best LinkedIn hacks you are waiting to here yet? We are getting back to you on that. Meanwhile, why not do your own homework and put in practice marketing automation to help yourselves as it is such a proven lead generation method?


We are waiting to hear the results from you. All the best!




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