7 Free Email Marketing Tools You Can’t Beat


According to Salesforce, email marketing has an average ROI of 3,800 percent. For every dollar invested, the average return is $38.


Brilliant, right? We, as business owners, would love to get that kind of return, isn’t it?


There is absolutely no doubt that email marketing is the most sought-after marketing tool for lead generation (despite whatever you have heard about it becoming obsolete). What makes it even better are the free email marketing tools that are available online today to launch a successful campaign.


In this post, we will discuss the best 7 free email marketing tools that you can use to scale your small business or blog marketing. For each, we will talk about the features you get with the free version along with the drawbacks (if any).


Are you ready to get your hands on the free tools? So, let’s begin

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most widely-used email marketing tools for small businesses and bloggers. It is estimated to have more than 15 million+users.


MailChimp is a known email automation software tool that provides you a “free forever option”. It allows marketers to store up to 2000 contacts and send as many as 14000 emails every month.

mailchimpIt easily integrates with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Magento, Salesforce, ZenDesk, BigCommerce, Drupal, Mandrill, and Google Analytics (to name a few).


Besides this, they have an easy to read graph reports that show email performance with past email campaigns and the industry average. This helps in launching your next email marketing campaign all the more successfully.


While it is a great tool to start with, it excludes some of the most important features in the free version – autoresponders, spam filter diagnostics, email client testing, delivery by time zone, advanced social media monitoring, and email/chat support to name a few.

2. Mailerlite

Mailerlite is a company based in Lithuania and is one of the cheapest email automation software around making it easier for first-time email marketers. According to them, they have more than 30000+ companies that use its services to send over 1 bn+ emails each month.

mailer liteThat said, Mailerlite allows to send unlimited emails to the first 1000 subscribers. The paid plans, however, start at $7 a month for unlimited emails to 2500 subscribers.


MailerLite is one of the few tools that won’t confuse a first time user because of the abundant features (for example, A/B testing, email automation capabilities, embedded forms, pop-ups, separation of lists etc) that are available to you.


According to us, this is one of the best options amongst all free email marketing tools in this list.

3. SendinBlue

Send in Blue is a France based email marketing tools company and has been around since 2010. The free version of the email automation tool allows you to send 9000 emails in a month with 300 emails a day limit.

sendinblueSendinBlue is a cake walk if you are new to email automation tools. It is easy to use and extremely intuitive.

4. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho is a well-known email marketing tool from the SaaS developer Zoho.


It offers a free version of the tool which includes premium features like A/B testing, reports, and fully customizable templates but you cannot include videos in the email.

zoho campaignsBesides this, you can design your own templates and it integrates with other Zoho products with ease as well as G-Suite. That said, it is not as easy as the others and you need to be more involved to launch a campaign.


The free plan allows you to send 12000 emails in a month and up to 2000 subscribers.

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5. MailJet

Mailjet has been around since the beginning of 2010 and provides the fastest email automation software tool in the market.

mailjetIt has a free plan for the tool which allows 6000 emails in a month with a restriction of 200 emails in a day. The user interface is simple and it allows you to store an unlimited number of contacts even with the free version.


Besides this, it also gives you access to advanced analytics and email editor needed to launch the perfect email campaign.

6. Vertical Response

Founded in San Francisco in 2001, Vertical Response is one of the most widely used email automation tools. It has grown more than 1 million users.


The free version of this tool allows you to send 4000 emails a month to up to 300 subscribers. It can be easily integrated with major CRMs such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, and Nimble.

vertical responseThat said, the most prominent drawback with its free plan is the absence of automation features such as autoresponders, event-triggered emails, A/B testing etc. To get your hands of these features, you need to pay for the pro plan which starts at $16 a month.

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7. Campayn

Campayn is a Toronto-based email automation software with a simple interface that is designed for beginner marketers.


The free version of the tool provides you with some advanced features like forms, automation, and basic reporting. It allows you send 12,500 emails to 500 subscribers with one autoresponder.


There you go. These are the top 7 free email marketing tool available to you today.


No matter which one you decide to use, it is always crucial to test out everything for a period of time. This will help you understand what works best for your needs. After all, for all of us social media and email marketers out there, we need to get our hands on the best tools available in the market at reasonable costs.


Do you know other free email marketing tools that are great? Comment below and let us know!



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