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Why is content syndication so important?


The internet is vast and to have your presence on the internet you to be able to reach as many prospects as possible is very important. Syndicating your content will increase your visibility. There are chances that your content will be shared by many others from these social platforms. This way your brand is exposed to the larger audience. There are different platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Quora that people use. You can choose any of them but if you want to post long-form content then the medium is the platform. Medium is ideal for growing network with like-minded people & is with a global rank of 235


How has medium impacted marketing recently?


Medium was Launched in 2012 & ever since many are preferring Medium for sharing their content.


Medium has user-friendly UI & is one of the most visited websites on the internet. You can quickly create an account on Medium & you can drive more traffic by using your existing blogs.


How to do content syndication on Medium?


It is very simple to syndicate content on Medium. You only need to pick one story perhaps one of your top-rated blogs. How can you find which of your blogs are popular? You can find from Google Analytics which of your posts have many views and you can choose to syndicate them. Only you need to do is post the URL of the blog you want to post on Medium and finally import. Adding the text is easy but as Medium doesn’t import images or videos at times, you need to add them in manually before you publish.


Have you wondered as to how much people respond to your medium content? Do you want more interactions?


We have seen how Medium has contributed a lot in growing business for some.


As stated on Koozai, Mike Essex found that within 6 hrs his post got a number of views he wouldn’t get for his posts on his website for a lifetime and within 24 hrs this number quadrupled. Yes, this is the extent to which Medium can prove helpful to you.


Maybe you can try it out.





1. Tag your posts


Tags help people to search for posts on Medium. They can also see recent posts in a certain category. Adding tags for your Medium posts helps you to get categorized so that in future you will be found when people search posts in that category.


Before you publish, you will find tags option, there you can add up to 3 tags for a post. Your job is to pick up tags that are not too popular. Even if you haven’t added tags for few of your posts, you can simply go for edit option and before publishing again you will get an option to add the tags. That’s all.


2. Submit to publications


You can approach editors of different publications asking if you can contribute to their publications. If they accept your application, you have a great chance to reach a large audience.

medium publicationIf you click on the profile you will find a publication option where you can follow many publications. Not all editors will accept your application to contribute, perhaps, you can try for others.


3. Interact with other medium writers


You can interact with Medium writers and expand your network. This is pretty much similar to other social media where you can follow, comment and you can also recommend. Read the posts related to your niche and follow their authors. You can leave comments and refer them back to your posts. So, the author may check your content.


Another way to interact is to request notes on your posts. You can invite collaborators & editors who can then add notes anywhere in your article. After you publish anyone who has contributed gets mentioned at the end of the post. Probably you too can look for such posts where authors ask to add notes.


4. UTM parameters to track visits to the website


Medium itself can you give you certain statistics like the number of total views, the number of reads, read ratio and recommendations. This can help you to understand the quality of your content. You can also know if anyone is actually reading your content. But somehow read ratio won’t be useful in understanding how it affects click-throughs & conversion rate. For that, you can use Google’s UTM parameters. These parameters will help you know about referring campaign. There are different URL builders to refer to different types of sources. For websites, you can use the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder. This will generate URLs to your website.


5. Get Email subscribers through Medium


Writing high-quality content can get you more readers but your ultimate goal is to get more traffic for your website. That is the reason why you have been syndicating on Medium. You cannot add an email sign up form on Medium but you can use simple call-to-action. Some use large text for CTA links at the end of their posts to invite their reader to sign-up for emails.


6. Third party embeds


Medium supports third-party embeds using which you can embed audios, videos, and images. You only put URL and it will automatically include that media. Following are the third-party sites that Medium supports:


  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Kickstarter
  • SoundCloud
  • Instagram
  • io
  • Github gists


7. Use rel=canonical tag


You can syndicate your content on Medium and you don’t have to worry about duplicate content as it uses the canonical tag. Using this tag you get to tell Google which is original content. You can only use this tag when you are posting via Medium API or via IFTTT.


One thing to keep in mind is, you don’t have to republish everything on your website. Also, it is better to avoid auto-publish options as Google will not understand which post is original. It is always best to republish after 2 weeks. That’s the time we have considered Google will take to crawl your page & index it.


To conclude with, I would like to talk about the benefits of Medium. It has a built-in audience and it figures out which of your connection from Facebook and Twitter are on Medium. So, it’s a great tool to connect with your existing audience. Medium also tells you how many people read your story till the end along with reading time count which amounts to 7 to 11 minutes. Once people find on Medium, there are chances that they will find you on other social media as well. Let us know how syndicating content on Medium benefits you. If you have any questions, you can always reach us in the comment section below.




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