8 Demand Generation Secrets No CEO Would List

They have worked for decades in marketing and have nailed it. Yes, we are talking about CEOs who have tired themselves in the field of demand generation, have run hundreds of campaigns. Sometimes great minds, good products and genuine demand for the product in the market cover any of the marketing pitfalls you have but it is marketers who have built a solid foundation are the ones who succeed at demand generation. Wouldn’t it be better if we see what demand generation secrets they use?


B2B Marketing is so much technology-driven that marketers keep on adding new methods like ABM, social media analytics, predictive lead scoring, etc in their marketing efforts. In this rush, they forget blocking and tackling things they should be doing as a part of their demand generation strategies. Measuring your campaign success beyond leads and clicks is necessary. Otherwise, you will end up in investing into something that looks successful but it isn’t. It is important to understand where your demand generation efforts are bringing true bottom-line success.

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Make sure of the most fundamental tasks than staking up new things in your marketing efforts.


We will see below how can you do better using below-mentioned demand generation secrets no CEO would list.


1.Create a Free Tool


Creating a free tool is one of the best ways to generate more demand. By giving people the opportunity to use your free tools, you are generating the demand and once you have done that, you can ask people to go for premium offers by means of which you will increase your ROI. Any blogger uses Grammarly for the basic grammar check. It offers you to check grammatical errors, spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, and misused words.


grammarly check

Source: https://www.grammarly.com/grammar-check


Beyond this, Grammarly offers 2× more corrections but only with Premium. With premium, you can get advanced corrections and get your content checked for plagiarism.


 2. Offer high-value insights


Be the one to who people would go to take advice. Your blogs, social media channels, guest posts, etc should demonstrate high-quality content. How can you get to this point where you will among the one’s Google prefer in its SERPs? Yes, Google very long back when Panda 4.2 update happened, Google started looking for quality over quantity. It takes into account inbound links, broken links, Keywords stuffing, searches queries on your niche, and a few other things. How can you make sure that you comply with Google’s every changing updates?


After July 18th, 2015, there have been definitely many changes in Google’s Algorithm and the only thing you can always do to remain in top 5 SERPs, you need to do only one thing i.e., keep researching and producing high-quality content.


After Google Panda 4.2, may I ask what the next update was? How has Google changed their algorithm over this time? Would you like to research? This is how to start understanding how you are going to work for the betterment of your business.


3. Improve audience insight by measuring test results


If you join a company you are asked to give feedback after a certain time has passed. What do these feedbacks do? They are helpful in giving you the needed insight. Once the company acts upon it, they experience improvised process altogether.


How can this be related to marketing? You run different social media campaigns, the results of which give you an insight as to how you can target content in a better way for different audience segments.


This is the research done by Laura Troyani, Marketing at TINYhr shares how to measure results, get more insight on audience & use that for targeting your content in a finer way.


The advice goes like this –


Test click-through rates for different audience segments and this will help you to match your content with the audience requirement, and also providing insight on the audience will help you decide who to target.




4. Always align your sales & marketing teams


This is an example of a company who launched a new product. This product line failed and reasons like poor delivery times or lack of efforts from the sales team were not justifiable. Finally, they arrived at the conclusion that their sales & marketing teams were not aligned. There should not be a lack of alignment around product pricing & you need to align your sales compensation strategies according to the company’s marketing goals. This is where people lack & as a result misaligned goals continue to demotivate & this causes the sales team’s commitment to the company to decrease.


We advise you to create better Sales compensation plan & make sure that you align sales & marketing team goals and the measures in which you are going test the results of your efforts.


5. Step outside your comfort zone


‘Stand out unique’ is the line we all have heard many at times. In marketing, it would mean to get out of one’s comfort zone & make your own style statement. Rather than doing what everybody is doing, you need to take risks in being creative to the extent it’s not going to harm you.


You can make sure of the success by doing A/B Tests.


6. Look to educate and not just qualify


Demand generation activities should not focus on just getting qualified leads. That does not decide if you are qualified to be called successful Demand Marketer but it also means that you are expected to provide your buyer with all the needed information. Educating you leads in their buyer’s journey is more important than anything else. This will help the buyers to get rid of any confusion to take the right decision. Your buyers only want the content that focuses on solving their problem without promoting your products & services. You promote your products/services when the buyers are deciding i.e., at the BoFU. Until then patience!


7. Design content for every buyer persona


Making just one buyer persona is not enough. If you are generating demand via drip marketing, then you have to consider different segments of your email lists. Logically, the way each list is going to respond is different & this should guide to consider that buyer’s journey for each of the segments will be different.


So what’s the key when you want to decide how many buyer personas you should create? It should not depend on the buyers you want to sell. Increasing the number of buyer persona is really to narrow down your search of the kind of buyers you want to sell to & there is no fixed number.


We will be coming soon on this as to how you can decide on this and create your buyer personas.


8. Map the Buying Process of Your Customers


You might have questions like how can you generate more leads, more customers, how to message your customers, or how to improve your bottom line. All these questions can be answered if you start mapping customer’s buying process. The buying process is changing at a more rapid pace than how much adaptations you are doing in marketing. So, you need to head in the right direction along with the changes that are happening in the marketing world, and also, make sure to measure each step beforehand.


So, what do you have in your mind now? Is it your marketing plan for next year? You are doing quite well then! What is your first move? Shouldn’t it be to understand how the buying process is changing?


Can observing buyer’s behavior help you decide on this? It definitely will! You need to do an ample amount of research before you decide on anything. As we have listed above, you can consider those 8 secrets treasonable for we are sure of their success.





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