B2B Demand Generation Hacks Only I Can Tell


Demand generation ideas is crucial to any successful business – big or small; new or old.


Without demand generation, it is impossible for you to create demand, attract leads, nurture them and finally, convert them into high-value customers.


In short, it all starts with demand generation.


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Over time, I have learned several B2B demand generation hacks that helped us get the desired results and ROI for our clients.


And, in this post, I will share the top 3 B2B demand generation hacks that will expand your reach and improve your ROI almost instantly.


Let’s start?


1. Pay attention to your homepage


If you have been promoting your business for a long time, you are bound to get traffic from different sources – social media, referral traffic, organic traffic, and other sources.


In my experience, whatever source it may be, the business homepage is the most visited page.


So, you want to ensure that –


  • No visitor leave your webpage
  • Visitors share your website content
  • Visitors recommend your business


Would you believe this – according to this, Tandberg increased its lead acquisition by 50% from a simple homepage CTA that blended well with other elements such as headlines, images, and subtitles.

business home page

There are many such examples, so don’t you think, it is important that you start reviewing and adjusting your homepage to generate more demand and get better leads?


But, how do you do this without getting overworked or spend thousands of dollars?


A few things you can include on your homepage to enhance user experience and drive demand generation strategies are


  • Have your most popular and helpful posts on the homepage – Your audience has a pain point and if you have content addressing just that, they will love to share and recommend your content. Meaning, more demand generation for your business


  • Include an enticing offer and blend everything on the homepage – If you are giving away 100 tips to drive traffic, a CTA copy which says “I want to drive more traffic” works really well. Similarly, it is important to have coherency in design, brand colors and fonts.


So, if you are looking to drive demand, this B2B demand generation hack will help you – just build coherent landing pages, keep testing and optimizing it.





2. Insert relevant lead magnets into high performing content and promote it


Write to help.


If you are writing any posts, short or long, give value to your readers. They should be able to go back with actionable items that will bring them one step closer to their goals.


And, the best way of doing this is to offer valuable BUT free content.


If you have been blogging for a while, you will know the most popular content. Insert webinars, lead magnets etc into them and promote the heck out of such content. In business terms, promote your legacy content as much as possible and keep them updated with time.


If you are new to blogging, remember to write to help and in no time, you will have legacy content.

lead magnets
A few ways to promote your content are –


  • Share, Share and Share – Share your content on LinkedIn but not directly. Write down a snippet of your article, link to your page and publish it on the LinkedIn publisher.


  • Be regular – For any social media channel, especially Twitter, consistency is the key. However, there is another important requirement to drive engagement and that is – having conversations and connecting with people in real. People want to know the face and voice behind a brand and if you take out the time to connect with people, it will skyrocket your demand.


  • Use paid promotions – Facebook has over 2.23 billion users and there is absolutely no way that you can let go of this opportunity. You can streamline your ads and target a very specific audience with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


  • LinkedIn ads – Do not overlook LinkedIn ads as a way to reach your audience. LinkedIn is full of businesses, CEOs, CFOs etc and if you click the right buttons with your ad, this B2B demand generation hack can bring a storm of leads. Utilise paid promotions to your benefit.


3. 1 hack to rank on Google


Both of us know that ranking on page 1 of Google is the best tactic to drive demand.


But, I am going to tell you the one and only B2B demand generation hack that helps you drive crazy demand.




Trust me when I say this, backlinks are the best way to show authority, credibility, and authenticity to search engines. If you have websites with higher domain authority linking to you, search engines will see you as a valuable resource.


Now, there are several ways to fetch backlinks for yourself BUT at every cost, stay away from paid backlinks.

rank on googleThe easiest and most common way to get a backlink is to guest post on authority websites. Search for your niche + write for us on Google and you will get the list of websites that are accepting contributions. Aim for higher DA websites with an established readership – The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, etc.


You can also niche it down. For example, if you are into personal finance, you can target The Penny Hoarder, Moneycontrol, Mint etc.


While this type of backlink has value, the links that are independent of your involvement have much more value. Meaning, if Neil Patel (influencer in the marketing domain) writes an article and link to your content on any marketing topic, it will have a higher value than Neil Patel publishing a guest post by you.


But, the relationship starts by becoming a contributor. So, focus on writing high-value content which business influencers would love to link to and at the same time, write for other websites and put yourself out there.


There you go.


If you diligently follow these 3 B2B demand generation hacks, you are bound to drive results that will surprise you.


So, what are you planning to start on? Which of the above B2B demand generation hack you will implement first?




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