5 Ways Data Cleaning can help your Marketing Campaign


If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, you should rely on data. Therefore, if you want to have useful data, you need to keep data cleaning strategy, your top-most priority.


Data cleaning, as we have already discussed in our blog earlier, is a process that involves removal of duplicate, unethically formatted or incorrect data. This process is stressed upon so as to retrieve a high-quality and equally relevant data to run a lucrative marketing campaign.


However, the truth is that most of the marketers rely on manual data cleaning efforts either before hitting the send button of an email or before reporting the effectiveness of the campaign. Marketers fail to understand that wrong data in the marketing database can not only result in loss of money but they can also lose out on some very significant customers.


It is very crucial to ensure that the data that you have collected is cleaned regularly and useless information is discarded off. By doing so, you can keep the data analysis simple and build an effective marketing campaign.


The customers that you get in touch with on a daily basis are as important to you as your business’ missions and goals. Therefore, you should understand the role of data cleaning in marketing and the ways in which it can help your business.


There are 5 ways that will help you market your business to the customers consistently and strategically so that you can increase your leads in a lesser time.


These ways include:

1. Segmenting Email Lists

Segmenting the email lists of your customers and dividing and categorizing them based on different factors is very important. This will help you target your customers with specific services and then link them to different categories accordingly. The idea behind targeting the customers is to engage your customers with targeted messages because they are most likely to respond to it in a positive manner. This also makes it important that you do not send the same message to everyone, every time.

2. Increasing Email Deliverability

Have you ever heard someone mention that they like receiving and reading spam emails? Me neither. It is a simple fact which the marketers have to keep in their mind every time they want to send out an email.

spam-mail-boxWhen you, as a marketer, send out bulk emails to accounts which are inactive, you are doing nothing but reducing your online credibility by spamming. This is why you should always sort your email lists and clean your data regularly. This activity helps increase your online credibility and your email deliverability rates to the users who are active and relevant.


How Is AI Used For Data Cleaning?

3. Engaging People on Social Media

Social media is on the rise in this digital age. It is therefore important for your business to have a social media presence if you want to know what your customers really want. Once you have cleaned your data, and have a limited set of customers to interact with, it will be beneficial for your business to engage them on social media websites. It can be as simple as saying thank you to them or then inviting them to your customers for an event. This will make them feel special and they will in return share it among their social network.


4. Targeting Customers Based on Their Activity

You don’t have to use your full-fledged detective skill here to keep a tab on your customers’ activities on different social media platforms. However, if you constantly track your customers on the basis of their interactions or the events that they have attended recently, you might be able to target these people by identifying their requirements. Since you have clean data, you don’t have to go searching for your customers on social media. Also, this makes it easy for you to target your customers that are based out of different cities as well as states by providing them with all the relevant information.


Why Data Cleaning is Crucial in Marketing

5. View Customers Accurately

Customers are an exclusive source of income for any business. They are also playing the central part while making decisions for a business. However, the customers are always evolving, their likes, dislikes, purchasing habits, and their expectations keep on changing. As a savvy marketer, you need to identify these changes if you want to derive smart decisions for your business. If you have outdated or incorrect data it will give you the wrong impression of the customer and you will end up making wrong decisions based on that information. By data cleaning you can make sure that the view of the customer remains as per the latest trends, thereby allowing you to build a marketing strategy and meets the demands of customers.


Marketing is the heart of any business and if you have that perfect list of clients or potential customers it can be used as an ingenious weapon for generating revenue for your business. Having an exemplary marketing campaign is the ideal goal of every business which can be achieved easily with the help of correct data.


Data cleaning will also help you save your time and money that you might otherwise waste on campaigns that are not fruitful because of irrelevant information about the customer. That’s all a business cares about, right? Cutting down on costs and generating high revenues. Another reason, why you should not let go of data cleaning practices and implement it in your data management systems on a regular basis.

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