20 Reasons your CRM need Data Cleansing now!


CRM need data cleansing for a simple fact that irrelevant data is nothing but a clutter for your organization. Which is why timely database cleansing is important in CRM. Piling up data in an unorganized and cluttered manner can cost you money as well as clients.


Poorly organized data or duplicate entries may lead you to a dead end where it can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of your business. It can distract you from tracking the customer interactions, make you waste your employees’ time by making them go through duplicate customer information and can lead you to miss an important lead.



There are a lot of reasons where CRM need data cleansing for getting the desired results. Find 20 reasons why data cleaning in CRM is beneficial to your business.

1. Cleaning duplicate data:

Contacting the same customer over and over again can get a bit annoying at both ends. Therefore, maintaining a duplicate-free data saves time as well as efforts of both your employees as well as the customer.


2. Correcting errors and inconsistencies in data:

Sending out an email with a mistake in the name or the email ID of the customer will get you nowhere. Data cleansing allows you to correct these errors and inconsistencies in the database.


3. Deleting irrelevant data:

It is very important to know your target customer so that you can get a lead. Data cleansing lets you identify and eliminate the data which is not relevant to your business.


4. Improve decision making:

Data cleansing in CRM helps you maintain the quality as well as enables your business for deriving more correct analytics that helps you in the overall decision making procedure.


5. Cut down on cost:

Imagine you sent out 1000 emails out of which 600 emails bounced. Marketing automation and other services cost you time and money which can be saved if you have fresh and correct data.


WhitePaper: B2B Data Cleansing step-by-step for Quality Analysts

6. Purging customer information:

You can resolve the issue of failing to make timely offers to your customers by validating the source that your data came from and disabling the fields that are not required.


7. Enhance customer contact rate:

CRM needs data cleansing to enhance the conversation that the business has with the customers. This can be achieved with accurate information for backup in case a customer challenges you on what you are trying to say, over a phone call.


8. Enhance accountability:

When you implement data cleansing in CRM you tend to add a layer of accountability to your customer relationship process by understanding their sales cycle and then sending out the necessary information.


9. Boost pipeline management:

Since data can be pulled from the CRM system to track pipeline management, it is important to have a clean data so that the sales rep do no waste their time reconciling old and irrelevant data.


10. Completing missing data:

Data cleansing in CRM allows putting in place a consistent strategy for entering new or missing contact information.


11. Reduce waste:

CRM needs data cleansing to avoid the waste connected with physical marketing strategies such as direct mail marketing. With accurate data, you can be sure that you are reaching out with a genuine interest to the right person.


12. Customer retention:

Clean data allows you to retain your customers by not sending redundant information which irritates them or makes them uninterested in your venture.


13. Data standardization:

You work for a specific area for certain industry standards where certain terms and words cannot be found in books or spell-checker. Thus to avoid any misunderstandings it is recommended that you compile these terms in a document.


14. Increase productivity:

Good quality and accurate data reduce the time that your staff waste otherwise on contacting invalid customers and prospects through different mediums. A quality data set, therefore, improves the productivity of your staff and business as a whole.


15. Reduce compliance risk:

Benefits of data cleansing help you to keep track of customer’s contact permissions and thus make sure that people who have opted out of maintaining communications and not contacted by the organization.


WhitePaper: Cleansing Enhancing & Integrating - 3 Pillars Of Data Hygiene

16. Data cleansing is quick and easy:

One of the major reasons why implementing data cleansing in CRM is how fast and easy it is. Data cleansing can process a large number of entries in a much lesser time.


17. Save your reputation:

Don’t be the organization that spams people’s mailboxes with irrelevant information and becomes a source of annoyance for the recipients as it will hit the reputation of the business.


18. Increase business efficiency:

With the correct data, employees can reach out to a huge number of people thereby increasing their productivity and the overall business’ efficiency.


19. Achieve consistent customer acquisition:

Again, customers can be acquired when the right and relevant information is sent to them at the right time to the right people by having good quality data.


20. Increase in revenues:

If you work on improving the consistency and accuracy of your data, you can improve your response rates which in turn results in an increase in the revenue. Clean data can help your business to reduce the number of returned mails drastically.

It has been understood that as your business expands you will require a large number of resources to maintain correct databases. A clean and good quality database is used for different email marketing campaigns which will reduce the bounce backs and enhance the click rates, therefore, transforming the updated information into an important business asset. This makes data cleansing very helpful for your organizations to not only save time and money but also to achieve your business goals easily.


In this article, it has been established that data cleansing is useful in CRM for increased return on investment on a business’ marketing activities.

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