Every industry that is abuzz with content marketing continues to be in awe with the tactic since it can help brands redefine their concept and improve their position in the competitive market. Content syndication strategy has a major role to play in this technique.

In reality, it’s very definition has changed, been re-purposed and keeps on being re-translated yet it’s sheltered to state Content Marketing gives an establishment to your digital marketing strategies to be utilized in a progressively signed up, strategic approach to help drive the organization goals and thus its digital strategy.

Enter Content Syndication Strategy

Content Syndication strategy is certifiably not another strategy, investigate Yahoo or MSN and you’ll see a large number of articles syndicated over their stages sourced from different news productions and industry verticals that channel high traffic locales with content. The underneath example from CNN demonstrates an example of connections to syndicated content that CNN accept would be important to their group of spectators and along these lines help to keep their site “sticky” by boosting time nearby and pages saw per client session.

Facebook has reignited the syndication model and how this model can be enhanced for online life through Instant Articles – giving a path for newswires and global content suppliers a way to advance and re-reason their content through Facebook, giving a course to their content to connect with new socioeconomics and audiences.

The open doors around content syndication are self-evident. By framing unions with other high traffic, reach and commitment accomplices, content can be driven to new audiences and drive further reach yet it likewise gives chances to content brands to line up with new digital biological systems with their syndicated content showing up on various stages, for example, work area, portable, applications, web of Things and the accentuation for brands to assemble increasingly outer cooperation. An ongoing article accentuate the point that should a brand put resources into a content syndication strategy, “you need great content to make those networks compelling”

To consider whether syndication is a channel to consider for your digital strategy, brands should consider the following:

Business Objectives

What are your business objectives e.g. is it to drive incremental visits, to drive engagement, lead or sales generation? What could syndication provide you differently to what your branded channels could offer?

Content Strategy

To even consider the creation of syndication, you need to ensure you have your own house in order i.e. Your own content strategy, delivery and team are in place and are producing on-going, consistent content being delivered through your own branded channels

Understand Your Digital Audience

Is there an appetite and need for your content on other platforms and media providers? E.g. does your content offer you a unique selling point (USP) that you could turn into a reason to syndicate the content?

Opportunities To Drive Potential Cross Marketing And Advertising

By syndicating out your content, you’re creating new opportunities for collaboration with digital partners as well as getting to understand new audiences and new ways to execute content strategies.

Opportunities To Engage New Audiences

Perhaps your content already drives engagement but by re-purposing the existing content to reach new audiences and demographics, it could help to re-invent your branded content onto different channels which target new audiences

Pipeline Of Partners

You need to create a pipeline of potential content syndication strategy partners with reasons as to why and what they would provide your brand as well as supporting your content initiatives. As a Check GWT, inbound links, affiliates.

Monitor, Measure And Manage

Ensure you are monitoring each of your content syndication strategy partners e.g. what type of content works best for one partner over another? Get insights about their own audiences so to fine tune the content you want to syndicate, how do you propose to measure the impact of syndication? Is it through referral traffic, brand search, social followers, and revenue through advertising? Brands should be measuring their “complete” digital footprint, not just through their branded channels but everywhere their brand is mentioned.

Brands As Knowledge Centers

I have recently talked about the open doors for brands to re-characterize themselves as knowledge focuses and the open doors there is for brands to corner their industry verticals as well as look for new markets and crowds by rehashing their content activities and partnerships. This was accentuated by an ongoing report discharged via Search Metrics who stressed the requirement for brands to:


Do you have an online value proposition at the core of your digital strategy? Investigate the challenge and benchmark your proposition against different brands working in various segments to see how they have separated themselves from their rivals.

Drive Authority

Is it accurate to say that you are illuminating and charming your group of spectators by telling an extraordinary brand narrative through the content you’re delivering?

Is It True That You Are Building A Narrative?

Tweak your digital narrative that can be conveyed through your online content. Engage in discussions through web based life channels with your crowd and connect and fabricate direct associations with your clients and group of spectators giving your image a personality and a human component to your proposition and online notoriety.

Content Syndication strategy will keep on re design itself and become a key fight ground for brands to drive their digital reach and commitment as they hope to grasp more channels to syndicate content that are non-branded channels. An ongoing article proposes that an ever increasing number of driving brands will put more their time and spending plan in syndication programs and away from paid media campaigns.

Indeed, to connect with more youthful audiences, brands need to wake up to the chance to work together and convey their content through vital organizations particularly with the numerous stages now accessible appealing to various audience demographics. Content syndication strategy can successfully put your content in front of different users on a large scale.

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