Content Syndication Mistake Most Marketers Make

After my successful hunt for curating tips for Best Social Media Platform to generate B2B Leads, I decided to talk with more such like-minded experts circumscribing around content marketing.


The past few days had been interesting as I got a chance to have a word with all marketing experts and B2B Lead Generation experts. Keeping it unbiased, all these experts decided to give away their best tip for this question: Content Syndication mistake most Marketers make. The tips given by these experts are solely based on their views and experience in their market, however, all their tips hold true for any niche who want to generate B2B leads.


Jessica Minasian

Jessica Minasian is the Chief Automation Architect having a Marketo Certified & Marketo Partner

Being able to tie spend to revenue. There are two ways a Marketer can fix this mistake.

1.) Set parameters (unique URLs) before sending the content to third parties. (Ex: Content, medium, and source)

2.) Reporting such as Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost Per Visit needs visibility. Check to see how much visibility you have into the metrics your team is seeking.

If not, your team might not have a full picture of the actual success of your marketing efforts.

Mark Walker

Mark Walker is an experienced B2B commercial leader and award-winning content marketer. He is currently the Marketing Director at Attest, a fast-growth scalable intelligence platform, helping connect brands and agencies to networks of 100 million consumers across 80 different countries.

“Most marketers make the mistake of trying to syndicate all of their content, everywhere, all the time. It’s a spray and prays approach. And while it makes you feel productive, if you look at the analytics, you’ll probably find that 80-90% of the effort results in little to no payback. Instead, you should be selective, and pick the right opportunities based on your target audience, the content you’ve created, and what results you want. You should find that for <50% of the effort you’re enjoying better results.”

Rachel Foster

Rachel Foster is a B2B copywriter and the CEO of Fresh Perspective Copywriting. Since 2009, she has helped B2B marketers improve their response rates, clearly communicate complex messages, and generate high-quality leads. Rachel has taught B2B copywriting for MarketingProfs and was one of the Online Marketing Institute’s Top 40 Digital Strategists of 2014.

One challenge with content syndication is making sure that Google recognizes you as the original source. This can be challenging if the site that syndicates your content is larger or more established than your site. Keep tabs on your blog posts to see if they appear in search results or if the site that syndicates them is getting the credit. Ask anyone who syndicates content from your blog to link to your original posts. They should also wait a week (or two) after you publish posts on your blog before they syndicate them to their site. This increases the likelihood that Google will recognize you as the original source.

Vikas Bhatt

With 10+ years of B2B Lead Generation, Vikas Bhatt now runs OnlyB2B, a reputed B2B Demand and Lead Generation company from India that serves most European nations, the US, Mexico, and Canada. Vikas is a renowned Demand Generation expert, motivational speaker, and a B2B entrepreneur.

You can’t simply wait for your target audience to find you. Instead, you have to put various marketing methods into practice in order to target them. Content syndication is one of them but it is mistaken by many. I believe content syndication is like treating other’s website as your own and posting your popular content there to increase your ROI. As many marketers think, it does create duplicate content and bring down your SEO but on the other hand, helps you.

Ameet Bhingaynya

Ameet is the co-founder of OnlyB2B ITES Pvt Ltd, a Lead Generation Expert, and brings 10+ years of experience working with Marketing, Advertisements, NGO, BPO, and ITES etc.

Inbound marketing tactics like blogging and social media marketing, organic search traffic, opt-in email forms, etc won’t help you scale so much if you are a start-up.  That is where content syndication comes into the role.  Though this third-party program can be time-consuming, it’s worth putting efforts into it. The most of the marketers either don’t buy out enough time to find what third-party sites they want to syndicate on or they don’t update their partners as their buyer’s persona and ideal customer profile changes over the years.

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