The primary focus of your B2B organization is to find more new customers and generating revenue. That’s understandable! Brand awareness vs lead generation – the real problem here is, however, to understand how this goal can be achieved.

If there is a lack of B2B brand awareness then the demand for your products will fail to reach its potential. Therefore, a question again arises where a B2B company should invest when they want to grow. Brand awareness vs lead generation, which one should you choose?

Well, the answer is – Both!

Although both lead generation and brand awareness are different aspects, technically, they affect each other directly.

There are certain companies that are pretty good at brand promotion but their websites are unable to convert leads. One of the biggest but still the most common pitfalls are the lack of contact forms or landing pages.

Then there are businesses who are victims of the opposite problem. They have a very intuitive, interactive website with landing pages et al, but they do not build brand awareness. If this is the case of any business selling your products to people will become difficult because they don’t even know if you exist.

In short, you cannot expect success if you have one but not the other which eliminates the brand awareness vs lead generation question.

Better, Together

In all honesty, lead generation has never been a straight path, nor will it ever be. That works only in the B2C marketing where some customers come straight on your landing page, consume your content, click the call-to-action button and then purchase your product in a fact, clean manner. Here, in B2B marketing, a single piece of content or a one social media post does not mean one sale! This is the reason why, even when B2B brand awareness doesn’t result in sales directly or immediately, implementing it in your marketing strategy is crucial.

Given the nature of the business, majority of the B2B companies aren’t your regular, household names. This makes it even more important for you to define you audience, the people you want to make aware about your brand. This goes in alignment with generating the correct leads. If you don’t use this step a lot of your time and money will be wasted by selling yourself to the wrong people.

People/customers who are already liking and viewing your content are more likely to become your buyers than some random person who accidentally stumbles upon your website. Getting more leads is great, but getting great leads is something far better and worthwhile.

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Modern buyers first research their solutions and opportunities online and that is where you have the greatest potential to build your brand awareness which will eventually bring in more leads. Therefore, you need to start putting your resources in effective strategies for lead generation, such as content marketing.

B2B companies need to create even more content than the B2C companies such as videos, blogs, etc., that provides solutions to certain questions of those who work niche markets. If you manage to build your brand in a large business market, like manufacturing, you will be able to dominate the industry with your brand presence.

You need to include several brand awareness methods for expanding the top of your marketing funnel in order to increase lead generation opportunities. Sometimes, a lead only becomes your potential customer after her has visited your website multiple times, thus, the more ways that you can pull them to your website, the better.

Your next task includes promoting the content of your brand on different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn. You need to chase all the retweets, shares and visits and make people aware of your business expertise. The more people are aware the more likely they will be to turn to you when the time comes to make the purchase.

Your website will be more likely to rank better in different search engines for the keywords that the potential users are looking for, if you follow the steps mentioned above. You can easily start collecting their email addresses and have more leads by using the blogs raising awareness and social media posts acting like lead magnets.

In brand awareness vs lead generation, you will find that the effect of the content marketing approach, in fact, increases over time.

Don’t Ask Brand Awareness vs Lead Generation. Invest in both – Now!

You don’t need a huge budget for building your brand so don’t worry about the idea of putting your resources in both lead generation as well as brand awareness.

You can get your name out in the industry by using an internal staff or hiring a digital marketing agency for optimizing SEO or setting up PPC campaigns. You can also collect leads at the same time. The process is similar for content writing. You can rule in a skilled marketer in your organization can take up the task or you can simply outsource the requirements to a professional. A little investment here can go a long way since content strategies heavily depend on republishing and repurposing.

You can also simply hire someone to better your brand awareness metrics on a daily basis. This includes website traffic, social shares and a million other tactics that influence your outreach through behind the scenes work.

The last thing you should do to remove the brand awareness vs lead generation question is to understand that both the aspects take time. Monitoring your brand’s reach and building a content library will not give you immediate results. They will instead build your online presence over time for creating a steady boost in leads, traffics and customers. So forget about the brand awareness vs lead generation though and stick with both of them for reaping maximum benefits.

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