Lead generation is probably one of the toughest facets that businesses have to deal with. Especially when it comes to website optimization for lead generation where a lot of factors play into the scenario making lead generation a challenging task.

However, in this chaos too, there are those websites that set best lead generation examples as they have worked out the perfect lead generation CTAs for themselves or forms for sign-ups or the precise contact us forms.

Before we discuss the websites that are examples of what a good website must have, here is what needs to be remembered. When creating a website for lead generation:

·        Always set your goals;

·        Define the same;

·        Keep a track of the conversion rate; and

·        Regularly check what boosting conversion is and what is not.   

Without further delay, let us look at 10 such websites, which can be inspiring for anyone who is looking at optimizing their websites for lead generation.

10 Websites That Got The Lead Generation Positioning Right.


A unique digital investment website that caters to women’s investment dilemmas, Ellevest started off as a niche website. This p
latform tackled a gap that existed in the market about which no one was vocal.

This is a classic example of filling in the gap that continues to remain unless a first-mover plugs it. Here is where Elleveret scores in catching attention. The lead generation efforts that Ellevest makes is directed at women, exclusively. The platform knows its audience and generates leads by a simple CTA that says “Get Yours”.  

Here the reference to the context is to get an account on Ellevest.


A word press hosting and management site, the ranked high when it comes to lead generation. This website has multiple Call to action buttons and they are all dynamic. Here are some of the things that Flywheel does correctly :

·        Live chat: This option is the second-best second to talking to someone. It is our inclination to ask questions and talk to someone for verifying the information.

·        Dynamic Call to action: The hello bar is effective in converting prospects and  

·        A free eBook that is a sticky box

·        Multiple CTAs for lead generation.


A project management system, Basecamp’s website is precisely aligned to what is all about.  From the creative to the words that are on the homepage of this website screams out its benefits loud and clear.

For instance, the image on the homepage is not a stock image. It is a precise image that addresses the pain points of project management systems. Moreover, the Basecamp homepage has a checklist of benefits right on the Homepage.

Book Of The Month:

A website for book subscription, Book of the month caters to people who love to read. The website has coherently positioned its message to say “read, love and repeat”. The reason why this website is one of the best lead generation examples is due to the psychological little game that it plays with its subscribers.

The 5 hardcover books that are offered to be read are not let to be known unless a user has subscribed to the website. For voracious readers, the books are too tempting to pass the signing up. they end up subscribing which in turn, ends up adding to the database of potential prospects which if nurtured could convert into a long term subscriber.

Charity: Water:

This website is for a non-profit organization. The aim is to generate leads as well as raise funds for their cause. The reason this website is considered to be one of the best lead generation examples is due to the fact that its message is clear.

Their philosophy is spelled out for everyone to understand. The CTA of “I agree” takes a website visitor to the donation page. However if one chooses not to make a donation the Exit-intent pop-up still makes an effort to stay connected, for a long term association.

Interestingly they Charity: Water has a section which lets visitors know about the alternative ways to stay connected. This makes up for one of the ways to generate leads.

Raven Tools:

A search engine optimization and reports generation site of tools, the website for the same is optimized for lead generation. Starting from the loud statement of what they do to introducing two CTAs at a go, one after the other (one in the menu bar and the other in the first fold of the home page).

Here is what, additionally works for this website.

·        Lots of other CTAs; and

·        Abundant in-product screenshots.

Zillow Premier Agent:

Clean, creative and precise lead generation tactic, describes Zillow. One of the most effective websites for best lead generation examples, this website combines listing, color and concise message delivery.

If you are on the Zillow landing page, you will realize that you cannot proceed further unless you leave you details like email and phone number on the Lead generation form.


Airbnb is about travel made easier by finding homes the world over. Airbnb has followed every suggested rule to create a brilliant website that is creative, great hero shot, optimized, compelling content form, clear communication, CTAs along with a sticky bar at the top and appealing images.

These factors have amalgamated to make Airbnb one of the best lead generation examples.


It is probably one of the best examples of how sometimes straight talk helps. The Hero line of Discord says “It’s time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak”. This is absolutely telling on Discord’s part that they know who are they up against and they are playing the field because they are better.

The CTAs are also easy to understand, you can either download Discord for windows or open it where you are browsing.

Mancrates :

The name itself says it all. IT all about men. Exclusive to gifts for men Mancrates as a business had carved a niche for themselves in the generic domain of gifting. The CTA just below the tag line is precise.

The message is loud and clear in the tag line that there is hardly any doubt as to what Mancrate is all about. Hence the CTA is very precise and generates leads easily.


Websites are the lifelines needed for the existence of a businesses’ online presence. This being the fact, websites are additionally also powerful tools for lead generation. Hence websites are usually optimized for the same.

This also explains why so much effort is put into the creation of a website. However, amongst the websites that flood the virtual space, there are those which stand as best lead generation examples for they have simply managed to stay way ahead when it comes to lead generation.

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