What is Behavioral Intent Data and Why Do You Need It?

Are you surprised by the new marketing terms you are introduced to every day? Behavioral intent data seems to be one of them. Continue reading this article to see – What is Behavioral Intent Data and why do you need it.

How do you define behavioral intent data?

It is sales intelligence gathered in real time which gives you accurate insights about what your prospects are doing. Behavioral intent data isn’t about guesswork or ‘spray and marketing’ and it is advisable to go for behavioral intent data, especially when you are low on budget.

How is intent data useful?

Real-time data

Predictive analytics does not provide up-to-date data as it uses data integrations and complex algorithms. When you are prospecting based on the data provided by predictive analytics, it turns out that very rarely the prospects are in need of your services. It is more helpful if you can know when exactly your prospects are in-market i.e., ready to buy. Marketers need to use real-time data that is more informative. Intent data provides them what they need, and hence they are opting to use intent data as the most powerful tool of their marketing strategy. You yourself don’t be behind!

Real World Applications of Intent Data in B2B Sales

Relevant Data

Behavioral intent data makes is relevant as it is based on pro-active search, discussions, and actions observed in respect.  Intent data lets you go beyond the demographic, firmographic, and geographic data and hence you don’t waste your time hoping that your prospects will be interested in buying when compared the chances are the bare minimum.

Proves to be insightful in Content Marketing

AS a marketer, creating a buyer’s persona helps to understand the traits and interests of the target audience. However, you can go a step ahead and use your competitor’s prospect data. B2B external intent data gathered in such a way helps you know accounts that are showing surging interest in your focus keywords. Along with that, it gives you an idea of the trending topics around which you can create a content strategy. Understanding the correlation between buyer’s intent and your content can help you see the competitive advantages. Addressing the pain points of your prospecting audiences that are searching for solutions online can give you great success.

You need to work hard to be part of their online search journey during which they educate themselves before buying. You need to build your brand identity and domain authority to be known as the best solution provider. You can use intent data to increase online visibility and at the same time to build trust amongst your prospecting audiences.  Using intent data can help you generate quality leads and be more successful in your marketing campaigns.

Where does it come from?

Knowing when your prospects are searching online is the best time to target them online. This increases the probability of your prospects signing up for the email newsletter. Many of the B2B buyers do their own research on the internet for almost 12 times before contacting the brands. Based on the frequency and volume of searches, you can design your content calendar for generating more demand for your brand in the market.

search query engagements

Source: https://storage.googleapis.com/twg-content/images/b2b-search-queries-engagement.width-1000.jpg

What are the ways in which you can gather purchase intent signals? If your prospects are doing following things online then you can be sure of their interest in your products.

  • Reading articles online about your industry
  • Engaging on social media (searching for the same hashtags, asking questions related to your keywords)
  • Engaging with your competitors
  • Showing interest in videos and webinars like content by signing up
  • Visiting competitors’ websites
  • Signing up and downloading content from other websites
  • Attending conferences and tradeshows related to the same industry

By whichever way they show interest in your industry related products, intent data enables you to take actions by keeping you in-the-know. Your salesperson has many tools in their toolbox, adding intent data to their toolbox that can help them edge out the competition. Consider this problem the sales reps face –

Many at times, the prospects don’t show any interest in buying for months together but suddenly they start looking for the solutions. How can sales reps track the change in their behavior?

If you gather behavioral intent data from all across the internet and social media networks, you can provide timely data to your reps. Rather than providing merely IP based data and leaving the sales reps to guess the rest of the things, you can provide intent data which doesn’t need guesswork.


The intent data lets you improve productivity by letting you engage with the right people at the right time. Position yourself as the outstanding solution provider by being first to contact your prospecting audience when they are searching for the solutions online. We are ready to let you do this but if you need help, get in touch with us by commenting below or subscribing to our email newsletter.

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