30+ More Articles On Content Syndication in 2019


A few days back we wrote about how you should shift the focus from SEO and onto content syndication and why is it a good idea for 2019. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here.


2018 will be over in a few days. We are sure you have tried a lot of new tactics to drive traffic and boost lead generation.


And, if you are asking yourself what next, this is the place to be.


What else could you be doing? What another strategy can you incorporate into your marketing plan that will ensure quality traffic and lead generation?

content is kingWe say content syndication is your answer. A lot of marketers believe that content syndication is copied content (or duplicate content) and hence, they are penalized by search engines (especially, Google).


But, that is far from the truth. Content syndication is not duplicate content. It is republishing your original content on another popular website. If you have noticed or visited new sites recently, you would have come across content syndication. CNN, Forbes, Huffington, Entrepreneur are a few examples of sites that are open to it. These are articles you have seen with ‘This article originally appeared on..’ either at the beginning or at the end.


Content syndication is an old concept and many known brands use it. You can read about how the popular brands use content syndication here.


If you are excited to learn how to syndicate content, you can read our guide on 29 Content Syndication Articles to Help You Become a Content Syndication Guru.


In this post, we will share 39 articles on content syndication that shares the best tips, tricks, strategies for an effective and result driven strategy. Let’s begin









content syndication ways to boost business





















content marketing






















There you go – a compilation of the best content syndication articles on the internet.  Are you ready to learn a new marketing strategy and boost lead generation in 2019?




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