10 Active LinkedIn Groups for Content Syndication you can use in 2019

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. From growing your business connections, following the industry influencers, staying up to date with the latest marketing trends, sharing and gaining knowledge: LinkedIn serves it all.

That said, LinkedIn groups are highly underutilized and undersold in terms of effectiveness. While other social media platforms offering group services, Linkedin is only one that maintains professional standard and tone.


And, hence, you can utilize these LinkedIn groups to add quality content and to participate in conversations that will help you establish trust, credibility, and authority in your industry.

We know that finding a LinkedIn group is a difficult task and time-consuming as well. In this post, we have made it tad bit easy for you by cherry-picking some of the top performing groups that not only offers great content but also offers great conversations and the opportunity to build a name for your business.

1. Digital Marketing

Members: 1,163,985

Created: March 3, 2008

Owner: John Horsley

About the LinkedIn group: Digital marketing is one of the most dynamic groups on the list and provides valuable resources to the members.

You can find discussions that cover different aspects of digital marketing landscape such as social media, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, online ads, web analytics, best practices etc.

Considering it covers a lot of bases, it is an effective LinkedIn group for content syndication.

2. B2B Technology Marketing Community

Members: 112,737

Created: November 28, 2007
Owner: Holger Schulze

About the group: This group is exclusively focused on B2B tech marketing which makes it the perfect LinkedIn group for content syndication (for niche content). You should join this group if you are looking to access the latest digital marketing news, network with other businesses, share ideas and content.

3. Inbound Marketers - For Marketing Professionals

Created: September 21, 2007
Members: 145,834

Owner: Dharmesh Shah

About the group: It is created by the owner of HubSpot and provides a place to share and access tips, tricks, templates and tutorials for planning and executing successful inbound marketing strategies.

It is one of the best LinkedIn groups for content syndication because you can network and build credibility with tons of Hubspot members and customers.


4. Marketing I CMO I Social Media I Business I Digital

Created: November 12, 2007
Members: 744,149

Owner: Robert Fleming

It is one of the largest LinkedIn groups which makes it the perfect spot for content syndication. This group focuses on strategic activation of social media, SEO, mobile and web marketing to deliver quality experience to customers and prospects.

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5. Content Marketing Institute

Members: 46,713

Owner: Pam Pulizzi

About the LinkedIn group: Content Marketing Institute is owned by the popular Pam Pulizzi and is a trusted source for marketers. Not only is it a great place to connect with respected content marketing gurus, but it is also good for content syndication and sharing relevant information.

6. Business Development - The Missing Link between Marketing & Sales

Members: 306,292
Owner: Paul Van den Brande

About the LinkedIn group: This group has conversations about business development which also includes communication, PR, sales and marketing. You can become a part of this community, share your content and establish credibility amongst your target buyers.

7. B2B Content Marketing

Members: 19,991

Owner: Seamus Walsh  

About the LinkedIn group:

“This group is for professionals in the B2B Content Marketing space only.  If you are involved in the creation of corporate content to educate your clients, this is the group for you.   There is a waiting list of 1,000+ members for this group, inactive members and those posting”

While the group description may sound dry and strict, the group is amazing. It is full of content marketers who share resources that will blow your mind. For example, decomposition of Don Draper-style marketing, what the Pope can teach marketers about talking to people, and how digital detoxes shape the type of content you consume.

If you create corporate content to educate your clients (which I am sure you do!), join this group today and start syndicating your content.

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8. Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & more

Members: 437,990

Owner: Ian Johnson

About the LinkedIn group: Just like many other groups on the list, the content shared in the group is varied. You can discuss advertising, digital media, PR and much more.

9. Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Advertising Innovators Innovation Network by SOLUTIONSpeople.org

Members: 535,784

Owner: Gerald “Solutionman” Haman

About the LinkedIn group: In this LinkedIn group, you can discuss everything that relates to sales, social media, advertising, PR, strategies, tactics and much more.

With over 500,000 members, this community is where you’ll hear all sorts of marketing, PR, and sales professionals talk about their successes, innovations, and strategies so you can create your own.

10. Marketing Pros - Largest Marketers Group: Digital Inbound Social Media Content Search Email SEO Jobs

Members: 313,316

Owner: Andrew Kucheriavy, UXMC

About the LinkedIn group: This group is dedicated to discussing different areas of and best practices for businesses using effective marketing. Topics in this group include online marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, SEM/PPC, advertising, growth hacking, viral marketing, mobile marketing, brand management, marketing automation, business development, public relation.

linkedin There you go.

These are the top 10 LinkedIn groups for content syndication that will help you to stay on top of your game. Not only they are a great place to share and syndicate content, but it is also the place to keep up with the latest trends, learn new strategies and tactics, follow best practices and network with businesses and potential buyers.

Which of these LinkedIn groups for content syndication are you planning to join? Comment below and let us know.

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