3 Ways to Achieve Greater Marketing “Returns” with Intent Database


Are you saying you want to be a successful marketer? Well, what it requires of you as a marketer in order to beat all the competition in the market? People talk about the Blue Ocean Strategy as an option to the Red Ocean Strategy. Let me brief you about that.


Red Ocean strategy requires you to enter into the competitive market with the products similar to your competitors who are already well established in the market. Don’t you find it tiring because it’s difficult to create demand for yourself? Also, the problem with the Blue Ocean strategy is you cannot always be as innovative as required to remain out of the competition. What do you think then, is the solution to your problem?


I have an answer – If you feel the process of beating the competition is like standing in the in the queue, the best you can do is be the first to stand in the queue. How so? With intent data!


Oh No, feels like no deal!


In this article, we will study the 3 ways to achieve greater marketing returns with the intent database.

What is special about intent data?

Position, Anticipate, and Adjust formula like that of tennis game! Let us compare intent data with how an ideal tennis game looks like and we will see the benefits of the intent database.


Trust me this comparison will help you to better comprehend the concept. Oh yes, there is a lot of learning tennis today. Don’t worry it will be easy.

1. Learn to position your brand with active buyers

In tennis, if you want to return a serve, you need to position yourself at the right spot.  The servers are all different and hence, you cannot always stand at one spot. If your server likes to play down the middle, then you need to position yourself around that area. You need to stand at the back if your server is fast and goes deep.


How does this info apply to the marketing?


We saw this example to understand what can result in a great game when it comes to marketing. You need to understand the user’s behavior to penetrate the deals. This means being able to understand what the user’s intent to do. Positioning yourself means finding the details about those who are searching for the solutions online.


With purchase intent data you can know who all are actively seeking for the solutions. This enables you to hit these target buyers just at the time they are searching online. In this case, there are high chances of converting them into your customers.


As said, when you know who needs your solutions, you can be early to arrive where the queue begins. The earlier you are in the queue the easier it is to beat the competition. Yes, with intent data you can remain competitive in the crowded market.


How Can Your Sales Team Progress Faster with Intent Data in 2019

2. Anticipate

Though you play tennis to make your opponents lose, it is unwise to think of your prospects in that light. To return the serve better you need to imply psychology too. More than just observing the server with keen eyes, you need to learn about the state of mind of the server. You can return the serve only if you anticipate aforetime whether it’s going to go wide, fast, or deep.


Let’s connect this with marketing again.


There are many key individuals involved in the decision who altogether make the buying team. You need to understand the psychology of each individual along with the business needs.  It is easy to look into the server’s eyes and anticipate his behavior but how can you understand the psychology of your key decision makers and gauge their future behavior?


The only way to do that is to look into the buyer’s past actions. From their behavior, you can understand their state of mind. You will understand what topics are they searching for and what is the velocity of their search. After you know their pain points you can precisely decide what content to create. There is nothing better than insights on your prospect’s behavior that are timely and accurate.

3. Making the right adjustments

Even though you are positioned correctly and are anticipating where the server can go, you cannot stand still at the same position when returning the serve. You have to adjust your position to return successfully. The returner needs to adjust his body position by observing whether the ball is going to his left, right. For all this that he needs to do, he has only a second.


This is talking about the time factor associated with making marketing decisions.


Intent Database is informative and fresh in terms of insights that it gives about the prospective audiences. To be quick to supply their needs, you can use these insights and adjust your content marketing strategies and create meaningful content. You have to be extra cautious while you educate them with the content that grabs their interest. You can use go-to-market messaging and keep nurturing your leads and following up.


With these 3 key tactics, you can elevate your brand’s position in the market with the right tools available for your benefit. Don’t wait to benefit from data that is fast and accurate. Why I say this is because intent data enables your sales team to quickly close the deals. Are you ready to pull the gears and go for such an amazing trend?

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