Effective Email marketing ideas are meant to enhance email marketing as a tool. Marketers consider emails to be one of the most effective tools that still catch the eyes of the audience it is sent to. One of the big factors that have contributed to the It is probably due to the penetration of smartphones and internet connectivity that has now made email checking so easy. In its research, Salesforce found that for a lead to covert, the prospect needs to be communicated to constantly.

More importantly, they also found that “it takes at least 6 to 8 touchpoints before prospects are ready to buy”. The best way to carry on with the constant need for communication is to email people.

Emails are cheap yet are effective. It is, in fact, a research finding that in 2018 every email in the US, fetched an ROI of 44%. Can this get any better? You have a tool that costs you a minimal amount, software like an ERP that launches the email campaigns for you in bulk and the ROI is more than 10 times what is spent.

Hence it is not surprising that everyone in the digital space is looking for Effective email marketing ideas. These ideas are aimed at making the emails stand out in the inbox of the receiver.

Here are some Effective email marketing ideas that will help in gaining the right attention for your emails.

Get creative with your emails:

Some emails can be hard on the eye. The font, color, and the overall look bear down on the reader. This is a red flag and such emails do not get read. So what do you do?

Get creative with the text:  

Ensure that the headline is catchy. One of the ways is to make the headline address a pain point of the receiver. The body of the email should be intriguing and capable of holding attention. Towards the end of the email, you must include the CTA. This should be prominent as it is the most important action prompter.


Structure the email: 


Work out the email structure beforehand. Experts suggest going with the upside-down pyramid for attention span.

The inverted pyramid mentions the core message in the beginning. It then gives information about the same in detail. Towards the end, if needed a few “good to know” general information can be added.


Add white spaces and single columns: 


While sending out an email, keep in mind that people will be reading the same in mobile phones too. The screens will be smaller. Hence white spaces must be added to the email body to make the email legible. 

It must also be remembered that since the emails are also read on mobile screens, they must be created in single columns. It makes reading easy.


Personalize the emails: 

Personalized emails have been one of the most successful and Effective email marketing ideas used by marketers, to date. 

Evergage, a company that transforms the 1 to 1 scenario, in a study found that 88% of the people who respond to emails expect a personalized email. Hence their data states that about 96% of

marketers have been able to improve customer relationships

due to personalization.


Leverage on transactional emails: 

Another email marketing idea that works is the transactional emails. They are triggered when a subscriber triggers an event. These can be triggered from birthday notifications, abandon
cart emails and even welcome emails. 

Since these emails are sent on special occasions, they have a higher click-through rate (CTR) according to a study by IBM. 

Create your email list:

An email list is a pre-requisite without which sending emails or running campaigns is neither possible nor sane. An email is meant for communicating the right message to the correct leads. You can start creating your email list by sourcing the contacts from your old list.

Other Effective email marketing ideas about creating an email list is to import customer’s email addresses to build up a database of subscribers online.


Hence email campaigns are designed with specific messages in mind, which addresses a particular pain point or need or a special offer to the relevant target audience. This is the reason why email campaigns are engaging. Moreover an engaging email usher in more value for the business from the email marketing campaigns.


Make your message persuade prospects:

Persuasive messages or emails are well thought out pieces that are written. To make an email sound persuasive, the first and foremost criteria is to analyze if you would like such an email in your inbox. Imagining this will help in making you understand how a persuasive message should be written.

Some of the other parameters to be considered before writing such a message would be to understand a few basics like what is your communication goal here, who are you trying to reach out to (in terms of the target audience), would they be interested in reading this email?

For digital marketers, emails still rule the roost. They continue leveraging on the reach of emails. This trend will continue as long as each email fetches an unbeatable ROI.  




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