E-mail marketing is an important factor in the whole digital marketing campaign. You should not only nurture your social media, but you should also keep a solid e-mail marketing campaign. E-mail is crucial in people’s lives and most of your customers will have an e-mail. There are several factors that you should consider having a highly successful e-mail campaign. The most salient point, however, is that you should never be lazy constructing your e-mails and make sure that is worth reading and opening.

All marketers try to get as many leads as possible to their website. They make creative emails to catch readers’ eyes and write intriguing subject lines among others. But they do not always receive the deserved feedback from subscribers or new leads. Your e-mail marketing hinges on two things: technical aspect and content. The technical aspect has something to do with e-mail lists and e-mail deliverability while content is all about style and creativity. These two aspects are interconnected, and we shall see how you can have a successful e-mail campaign by following some practices you should start doing in your email marketing campaign.

1.    Verifying the email addresses

E-mail verification is an essential habit a digital marketer should have. Verification saves you time effort and money. You have to make sure all e-mails you send are going somewhere. If you don’t verify e-mails all your efforts at making a creative e-mail marketing campaign will fall by the wayside. A technical problem that can result from not verifying your email is account suspension. ISPs or Internet service providers set limits for complaints undelivered message and unsubscribes. Avoid all these factors and verify your e-mail list. You should keep your e-mail list clean by making sure it all points to an active user. Use an email verification software for email clean upto make sure you have an updated list.

A good e-mail list also affects your reputation. A good reputation means higher chances your e-mail will not end up in the spam folder. Build an organic list and send to people who really want to hear from you. If you have a website, get people to sign up to services and downloads with their e-mail. Your e-mails will be better received by these users since they are already interested in your products.

2.    Start Early for Seasonal E-mails

Once a season starts you have to start scheduling your e-mail. The important seasons includes the Christmas season, the start of the school year, Black Friday, and thanksgiving. Plan ahead and the sooner you start the better. You have the option of sending out your e-mails earlier than the competition. The sooner you start sending out e-mails the more people you can reach. If you prepare early you will have more time to make high-quality e-mails.

3.   Market for Every Season

You should make every season count. You should have an e-mail promoting your products and services for every season. Make sure your marketing e-mail keeps up with the spirit of the season. If it’s for Christmas, you should make it festive. If it’s for Halloween, make it quirky and spooky. For Black Friday emphasize a sense of urgency. Make your e-mail campaign is in keeping with the season’s themes. 

4.    Urgency Matters

You should use catchphrases that grab people’s attention and make them want to snatch up your offers as soon as possible. Entice your readers with such phrases as “act today,” “limited time offer,” “this week only,” or any variation of those phrases. You will be able to trigger the buying instinct of your customers. Although this technique is generally used in Black Friday you can use it on any holiday.

5.    Use Creative Opt-in Forms

Opt-in forms help you build an organic list and you can encourage users to subscribe by having attractive opt-in forms. You can design your opt-in forms according to the season’s holidays so people will be encouraged to get your newsletters and product offerings. Create opt-in forms based on the behavior of your customers. If they seem to leave your website immediately you can use a pop-up form.

6.    Use themed text and E-mail Templates

Keep your texts and e-mail to be in keeping with a theme. If it’s Christmas, make sure to use holiday appropriate message to make your audience interested. Keep your e-mail subject line short and sweet and relevant to the season. You can even use moving emoticons and icons to put further interest in your e-mails and e-mail subject line. These little details encourage clickthrough among your subscribers.

7.    Follow Up on Abandoned Carts

People will sometimes abandon carts but you can lead them back. You can make them complete the sale and you should reach out to them. You can direct your customers to a lead list where they will get periodic reminders that they have a vacant cart on your website. Three reminders seem to be optimum for most companies. The schedule usually goes as one email within the hour, one within 24 hours, and one within a week.

8.    Referral Programs

You can encourage your customers’ friends to sign up via a referral program. There are a lot of creative possibilities on how to build a successful referral program. You can entice subscribers to participate in your referral programs by offering them free gits if they get anyone to sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase.

9.    A/B Testing

Sending out two campaigns or ads at the same time and monitoring the results in real time to see which performs better is a good way to give you an idea on how to plan future marketing campaigns.

Use this method in your email marketing plan for the holidays. Try to create multiple Black Friday and Cyber Monday ad campaigns and send them out early. Check out how each e-mail performs based on click-throughs and conversions.

10.    List Segmentation

List segmentation helps you in personalization by slicing your e-mail list into segments based on the type of users you have and what you know about them such as buying habits and professional background. You can then send personalized information. With the right segmentation, people will receive emails packed with content that they actually want. Personalization helps you have more conversions, more purchases, and satisfied customers.

Use the right e-mail marketing tactics for success and ROIs. The e-mail is a powerful tool that can be used to promote your products and services. Do creative e-mail marketing and always be on the lookout for some good e-mail marketing examples so you can get ideas on how to enhance your own campaigns and newsletter designs in the future.

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