You can always use more customers, no matter how big or small your business is. And to get these new customers you need to know about the term – lead generation marketing.

Your business needs to gain new potential customers and clients in order to grow. This concept may not be old since gaining new customers is a concept that is as old as business. But as the industries evolve and change, the ways of acquiring new customers also change. A lot of lead generation marketing strategies are in the market for around hundred years now and therefore, a lot of customers have become doubtful or uninterested in them.

The point is, if you want to grow your business, you will need to be serious about updating or upgrading your lead generation marketing strategies.

Here are 10 lead generation strategies that will work for your business.

Start a Referral System

Referral systems have become more useful in the modern lead generation marketing strategies since they are easy to use, track and quantify. The best you can do with this is get minute details. Create referral codes that are customized for your existing clients and prospects, where a new client will get discount on their first purchase and your existing client will get a referral discount as well. This works pretty well for online businesses.

By using this method you will know who is getting you more business and which leads are converted into customers.

Broadcast Advertising

You don’t have to buy an advertisement slot on your area’s radio station, don’t worry. However, podcasts have stolen a lot of radio listeners. Even content creators need advertisers and you can always turn listeners to leads with an even great potential. This is because when listeners select their podcast downloads they show where their interest lies. This means that you can determine the place of your audiences’ captivity.

The best thing about this advertisement is you are not using the shotgun approach where you advertise even in front of audiences that are not interested in your product at all.

Use a New Approach for Direct Mail

Direct mails do not have to be synonyms of junk emails, especially if you know how to do it in the right way. You can send out direct mails using referral codes that are data-driven or you can mail out attractive flyers with valuable offers. You can invest more in the physical things that you are sending out when you become selective with your direct mailing efforts. Moreover, you can offer valuable coupons, discounts, etc., for making the new leads take the next step. You can use direct mail to get someone to your website rather than using it as a final step for getting in new customers.

Build Lead-Swapping Relationships

Sharing leads that are related to your industry but aren’t your competitors is also one of the lead generation marketing strategies which is going around in the market for ages. This method can be very useful if modernized. Consider swapping leads with the companies that attract same customers as yours, if you are on friendly terms with them. To make this method work you will have to digitize the swaps in order to make the most out of them. Use a CRM tool to keep a tab on each individual leads that you are getting from these companies and identify the types of returns that they are providing with their leads.

Rethink Discounts

You might have at least considered, if not already held sales, for incentivizing new clients through your funnel. With so many discounts and deal site, it may be worth considering it to see if you product is fit for opportunities. If you don’t want to do it alone, you can get into a partnership with other businesses that are familiar with the discount territory. These sites are all about reaching new clients to get your products in front of new clients.

Build a Modern Website

If you are planning lead generation marketing strategies you cannot afford to have a traditional website. The days are gone when only marketing businesses and media companies had pretty websites. You need a website that is elegant, have a smart design, and is speedy and efficient. A website that gives its visitors a clear view of what you have to offer and how you will do it.

Learn SEO

Study has it that only 10% of the search engine users go beyond the first page of the search results for a particular information. This reason can make it difficult for you to get your website in front of potential customers if you are not on the first page, no matter how informative your site is.

This is why you need great SEO for attaining and implementing your lead generation marketing strategies. It basically puts your website on the first page of search results.

Use Content Based Lead Generation Marketing

When we are talking about SEO, let us talk about content marketing also. When the content is well optimized you will be able to increase your presence in the search result. You will be rewarded by search engines like Bing and Google if you keep producing high quality content. Search engines prefer to promote websites that help solve user questions easily and quickly.

Use Paid Social Media Lead Generation

The era of free social media advertisement are over. Even if you do it you might not gain enough traction quickly. But, the good news is that you can invest in paid social media marketing which isn’t very expensive and goes beyond getting a handful of followers like organic posts. Most networks provide tools that are robust and which can enhance and lead generation marketing strategy.

Start a Business Newsletter

Lead generation through email marketing is similar to social media and content lead generation strategies. Add content strategy into your email newsletter for captivating audience with a stream of news and updates about your business. To make the most of newsletters, it is important for you to provide a compelling heading and reasons for people to sign up.

Lead generation marketing strategies are of best use when you identify which techniques should be used together and how important they are for your business.

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