7 Steps to Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Revisiting and developing a content marketing strategy will not hurt anybody who is either just starting out with content marketing or have been using a similar approach for a while now. The objective should be to have an updated, innovative and strong content marketing strategy. What is Content Marketing Strategy? Content marketing strategy is in […]

Why Email Marketing Is Great For Inbound Strategy?

Many people think email is an outdated way to market, but the truth is more than 80% of businesses use email marketing and observed extraordinary results in their revenue. Email Marketing has the great potential to push your ROI exponentially. Email marketing is crucial for many marketing strategies like inbound, content, and account based marketing. […]

How Can Install Base Marketing Data Give You a Competitive Advantage?

Are you a B2B business owner seeking for strategies to increase customer loyalty and retention? Would you like to learn more about the preferences and problems of your target market? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could also acquire a better understanding of your competitors’ target market? Have you just answered “yes” to any of these […]

How To Make The Most From Your Customer Acquisition Marketing

The ultimate marketing goal is to acquire new customers. The objective of any marketing initiatives is to increase sales and attract new clients. As a result, the majority of companies devote a sizable amount of their marketing budgets to customer acquisition. Check out the top industries’ client acquisition expenses here: Source: Razorpay This picture makes […]

35 Closed-Ended Questions To Ignite Your Sales Strategy – And When to Use Them

Close-ended inquiries have a terrible rep in the sales business, and we’re here to dispel that myth. Close-ended inquiries, when utilized incorrectly (particularly at the improper sections of a sales interaction), can cripple your ability to close a prospect. Don’t get it misconstrued, though: “By asking closed-ended questions, you can unearth demands that the prospect may […]

The Ultimate Lead Generation Content Syndication Strategy

As a b2b marketer, relying on a marketing plan that incorporates a number of approaches can help you raise brand awareness, expand your reach, and generate more sales leads. Content syndication should be one of the most important of these strategies. It’s a marketing strategy that entails republishing material that you’ve created on your digital […]

How To Create A Data-Driven Content Strategy

Data is the backbone of every effective content strategy. There’s a reason why the concept “data-driven content marketing” has become so popular recently. You can’t count on speculations and intuitive feeling in today’s dynamic environment – that’s a certain way to burn up your money and eventually end up nowhere. Data should be the gasoline that powers […]

Conversion of MQLs to SQLs by Integrating Sales and Marketing Efforts

Over a long time, the sales and marketing operations in B2B organizations were thought to be discrete. However, this is rapidly adapting. Nevertheless, as companies throughout the world focus on stabilization following the Covid-19 pandemic interruption, harmonizing the two activities will become even more important. According to estimates, imbalance between these two roles costs organizations more […]

The Advantages of Employing Intent Data In B2B Marketing

Businesses are constantly seeking methods to get a competitive advantage in sales and marketing. If there was data available that could provide you with not only qualified prospects, but also in-market account information that was continuously researching or in the purchasing process of your product, you could not only make your marketing efforts more efficient, […]

4 Powerful And Tested B2B Email Marketing Practices To Boost Your ROI

Despite the plethora of marketing technologies and social media marketing, E-mail is still the best channel to uplift your business. Do you know around the globe 87% of the B2B marketers rely on email marketing to grow ROI.  However, to experience the surge in revenues you must perform your email marketing with good practices and […]