Like every other start-up does, we started small. We worked out of a tiny apartment with just 2 employees. Yet, unlike a lot of other startups, we found a niche for ourselves and that was the B2B market.

That’s how we decided to name and market ourselves – ONLY B2B

The idea to start “ONLY B2B” hit me and Ameet in a random conversation over drinks & dinner one evening. We dwelled on it a bit more after the hangover vanished.

                                                         – Vikas Bhatt, Co-Founder

It did not take us a lot of time before we were called “pocket sized powerhouse” by our clients!

We definitely have done things right if our clients call us that. Isn’t it?

When we started out in 2014, we noticed that most marketers used email blast and cold calling to generate leads. These methods were lying on their death beds, completely outdated and ineffective in terms of lead generation.

We recognized there is a gap and decided to plug it. It has been a wonderful journey since.

                                                   – Ameet Bhinganiya, Co-Founder

We started to build solutions that could generate instant and visible ROI and ROE for our clients. Thinking, how?

  • We blended traditional methods with latest marketing strategies to reap best results.
  • We started offering a smart combination of services/solutions (like ABM, MQL, SQL etc) to best suit the needs of our clients.

After all, we truly believe that the indicators of our success are solely dependent on your success. That’s why we invest all our resources to get the results you desire.

Hence the motto –

Only B2B helped us achieve nearly 24,000 leads in a period of 12 months which is difficult in VoIP & Internet industry. Out of this, 6000+ leads converted into sales resulting in 252% increase in our revenue for that fiscal year. There was no looking backwards from there. We immediately signed a contract with them for another 3 year.

We really don’t want to be a problem builders for clients, but problem solvers instead. So, we take out time to understand the needs of your business and focus on creating innovative solutions for your success.

Only B2B is different from other lead generation partners we had. Ameet has been a pleasure to work with. They not only spend time in understanding our requirements, they also provided us regular updates on campaigns. They solved lot of our problems!

We love data, analytics and marketing science. Our love for these things helps us solve problems for our customers.
And, this got us repeat business and a lot of referrals.


Until today, we have worked with 80+ leading technology companies and delivered over 100,000 high-quality leads. We also have a track record of 100% lead acceptance and on time delivery.


We bring you 25+ years of experience in Call center, Media, and IT sales. Our team (which is now 80+ employees) and leadership has worked with industry leaders like Demand Shore (Formerly QEDBaton), ZDBS (Formerly Salesify), XDBS, Zensar and Mphasis


You can read the FAQs to get more insights on how we work. Sounds good?

Now, that you know about our journey

Meet the masterminds behind it

Vikas Bhatt


Ameet Bhinganiya