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Only B2B possesses a complete portfolio of services which can revolutionize your Digital Marketing efforts and substantially improve your conversion rate. For us, the customer’s satisfaction is the highest priority. In keeping with this belief, we provide our customers with a varied choice of services and the flexibility of an à la carte approach rather than an obligatory set program. Our clients can pick and choose the services which are pertinent to their Company needs or can even ask us to tailor a program best suited for their Company.

The biggest challenge facing B2B Companies in 2015 is getting new clients. According to surveys, 72% of Companies feel that Attracting and Developing New Business is by far the toughest ordeal. This is a problem faced by all businesses and all industries. But there are always ways to counter it. Many companies are undertaking initiatives to solve this problem.

According to a survey done by the Hinge Research Institute:

  • 62% of companies are going to try and generate Reputation-based referrals.
  • 58% will concentrate on Content Distribution and Increase Brand Visibility
  • 5% deem it necessary for Account Management; making existing clients more aware of new and presently offered products and services.
  • 5% will opt in for a reliable Lead Generation Program.
  • 8% will focus on Business Intelligence; meaning, they will look into finding a Stronger Competitive Advantage.
  • 8% of companies choose to do Account Profiling and Market Surveys to conduct research on their Target Audience.

Many Survey Reports say that about 60% of companies are going to rely on outside partners and outsourced firms. The reason for this is to leave the heavy lifting to the experts. It is far better to use our professionally trained and skilled team than spend precious revenue on setting up an In-House team.

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