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59% of Marketing Professionals maintain that one of the biggest challenges in B2B Lead Generation facing them today is generating high quality leads. Having good, reliable leads is the backbone of Digital Marketing and without them companies are haemorrhaging Sales and Marketing budgets chasing dead end contacts. But to generate leads of high quality, the customized database must be of equally high quality. How can you have a good crop if the seeds are bad! It is this essential aspect of Lead Generation that is continually overlooked.

But not at Only B2B! We know that all the processes of Lead Generation are intrinsically linked and the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is the reason why our team puts so much stock in Quality Contact Discovery.

Get the Best Database Cleaning Service in India & Abroad

To have a good, clean database to work with, you will need to be assured of the lists right from the start.At Only B2B we offer different solutions for you. You can opt for the complete package of services or the just the one that you require. Our plans are flexible so that we can give our clients what they want. We offer –

Customized List Building

List building is the foundation of a good Lead Generation campaign. It is the first building block on which the whole campaign is built and must, therefore, be created with care and vigilance. Our skilled team of Research Analysts are thoroughly briefed about the client’s specifications and preferences so that the list created is exactly what the client requires. Quality and quantity are given equal importance so that the final list delivered to the client is true and pure. The technique of List Building or Contact Discovery which we employ ensure

  • Superior Quality of Contacts
  • 100% Verified Details of every Contact
  • Clean and Updated Details increasing the value of your Data
  • Increased Income Generation for List Owners

Data Appending

Each and every company maintains a thorough list of customer and prospects details which may have been compiled from years of doing business or been bought from various vendors at some point or another. This ritual is an essential part of the marketing and sales process. But there are numerous times when the data being maintained is incomplete. A few details of more or less every contact is either missed out or erroneously filled due to human error. And companies tend to rely so heavily on these lists that these errors can be very damaging.

If you have noticed discrepancies in your Lists, there is absolutely no cause for worry. At Only B2B we can correct them with our Data Appending Service. Our team of Research Analyst methodically go through your entire list, flagging the problem areas and subsequently correcting them in a timely manner.

To err is human; to correct it is our job!

Database Cleansing

It is important to remember that data collected at any given time has an expiration date. No one can definitively say when that expiration date is but after a certain amount of time it will become redundant. The reason for this is that the Contacts collected at the time of discovery may change their jobs, location or designation and the smallest change can affect your list as they may not remain Decision Makers for your particular product or service.

It is therefore essential to periodically take inventory of your database and verify it and make the necessary changes. This can be a long and tedious task and if not handled by professionals then it will add to the problem, not solve it. To simplify matters, we offer Database Cleansing as a stand-alone service which helps keep your database updated and pure.

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