Business Intelligence

Knowledge is Power, Wouldn’t You Agree?

Business Intelligence is a service that proffers a comprehensive insight into the operational methodology of a potential customer. It gives you an in-depth understanding of how the customer’s organization is structured, a look into its decision making process as well as the company’s key decision makers and current vendors. Furthermore, through Key Account Profiling, technology vendors can also get ‘Infrastructure Mapping’ which helps them glean the details of the current IT infrastructure of their prospects. Armed with such critical business intelligence, IT vendors can get a holistic view of their potential clients. This overview affords them an essential competitive edge which they can utilize to tailor their portfolio to the needs of the customer.

Account Management

All entrepreneurs know that the value of a customer retained is double the value of a customer gained. And retaining a customer is done primarily through good after-sale services which most Heads of Sales will attest to being a big challenge. In most organisations the sales teams are focussed mainly on sales, which is understandable. Managing business accounts and relationships is a job for Account or Relationship Managers. Unfortunately since companies do not have such teams, the jobs fall to the sales team and predictably it isn’t always done efficiently.

Our team specializes in the complexities of account management, carefully maintaining high value relationships. We also assist in closing current deals, renew or re-negotiate existing contracts, seeking references and up-selling. Our dedicated account management service results in

  • Increased probability of repeat business opportunities and up-selling
  • Constant revenue stream from existing customers
  • Maintaining the focus of the sales team on winning new customers
  • Increased Return On Investment (ROI)

Lead Nurturing

A quantitative analysis of B2B leads of any company will show that very few leads are instantly sales ready. In fact, as much as 85% of leads are not in any purchasing process when you first log them in. Since these leads do not result in immediate sales, a large number of them are often ignored or discarded or even lost. If these early stage leads are not garnered, you could be missing out on substantial sales in the future.

 At Only B2B, we understand the importance of every lead and have therefore created a lead nurturing program to carefully nourish these early stage leads so that you receive a competitive edge when these leads are ready for purchase. We continually send relevant and interesting content to these leads in an attempt to increase their interest in buying. Our program results in –

  • Staying connected with prospects with conversations that build trust
  • Sales pipelines that are considerably stronger and faster
  • Lead to Win Ratios that are superior

Key Account Profiling

Account profiling is a service wherein our team acquires and categorizes essential information about how an organization operates. This information is advantageous to a vendor for three main reasons –

  • The management can, on the basis of this information, tweak its current marketing and sales strategies continually to better cater to their prospects.
  • Account managers are given intel about sales issues, thus giving them new business opportunities. This helps to improve the efficacy of the sales process.
  • Marketing and sales executives are armed with the names and contact information of a company’s key decision makersimproving their efficiency

Depending on the depth of the information you require, our team can compile a comprehensive profile of each account. The profiles are customized as per your specific requirements. Our Strategic Account Profiling ranges across the following areas:

  • Company Overview
  • Financial Overview
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Organization Structure, IT Organization Structure with Decision Making Process
  • Growth Plan
  • Drivers and Initiatives
  • Technology Strategy
  • Infrastructure Mapping
  • Vendor/Competition Mapping

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